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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Canada Elects a Conservative Majority Government, Liberals are out!

I like to keep track of other countries elections just because I like the pomp and ceremony and most of all, the debates.  I debated in school and it really gets interesting when two polar opposites get down .  I watched earlier this year when Britain elected a conservative government and now Canada, a Parliamentary system too, did the same.

The left in Canada thought they would convince their citizens to boot out the conservatives by having a vote of no confidence a couple of months ago.  In a parliamentary system the opposition can do this (if it is a minority and/or coalition government)  and if they are successful in a vote of no confidence, then elections must be called.  In Canada they had five weeks to have the election, unlike our neverending political runs.  Well, I watched some of this on CSPAN and the lefty fellows were doing the bashing of the conservatives just like here in the good old USA.

The left wanted higher taxes, they wanted "cap and trade", they wanted to remove subsidies (tax breaks or credits) to the energy companies, and many other left wing wet dream ideas.  The Canadian people said NOPE.  The right won a majority government with 54% of the vote and a four year term, uninterrupted by the whiny liberals.  Canada's Harper will continue as Prime Minister.  The story is HERE for those that wish a better explanation. HERE is the analysis by the Christian Science Monitor.  They have an excellent view of the results which I believe are going to be the same reasons Obama will be a one term President.

For the first time in Canadian history, the LIBERALS came in third (they ran Canada for most of the 20th century).  Their share of the vote was so small (34 seats out of over 300) they will be back benchers for a generation at a minimum.  That is what is happening here in the USA as well.  Liberals are becoming irrelevant.  Why is that?  Because they are out of step with the people on almost every issue.  The PC crowd in Canada is actually worse than here and the people of Canada are sick of them. 

HERE is a short video of the players after the election.

So liberals beware, you are going to be even worse off than before and Canada, England, France an Germany are showing the people want common sense leaders in place of you touchy-feely PC saps.


  1. Good report Todd. Clearly the Canadians have not been reading our lamestream reportage of their wonderful social order (including healthcare). We have to wonder how a country of about 35 million could mismanage so much wealth coming out of their ground. Maybe that's why they seek new management in Ottawa.

  2. Almost every home constructed durng the last decade was built with Canadian timber. That had to be hundreds of millions of bucks. I think they are having second thoughts about their socialism. Their cigarettes were 5 bucks a pack in 1989 when I was there and a smoker! The left is under attack, politically speaking, all over the world.

  3. This is encouraging news. But there's a lot of damage from the Liberals to be undone in Canada.

    --John Galt


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