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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Seattle is the point of the communist/anarchist spear

As of this morning, it appears the "leaders" of Seattle are allowing the thugs from ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter (BLM) to take over about seven blocks of the city. We know that the city is really liberal and its elected officials are really liberal as well.  The Mayor, Jenny Durkan, is on the side of the thugs.  So in reality, the voters of the city got what they voted for.  As the city goes down the tubes and people with businesses leave for greener pastures, one must wonder how reasonable people can survive there.  When the inmates are allowed to run the asylum this is what normal people get.  But how did Seattle and the whole country come to this?

In my view this has been going on since 1917 when the Lenin Communists took over Russia and told the world their intentions.  Their intentions were world domination and the undermining of democracy and in America, our Republic.  They failed to hold Russia and it flopped in 1989 but their acolytes were already everywhere in America and the rest of the planet's countries.  In America they infiltrated all levels of our country and its institutions.  Over time they have successfully brainwashed people starting in the pre-schools.  By the time these people graduated from college they were fully inculcated in the ideology of the left.  Most of us that resisted the brainwashing are now under attack.  Along with TV and Movies and POP culture, the whole culture has been infected.  PC has been pushed to the degree a person feels guilty and is chastised and run out of their towns and business for saying "all lives mater".

I have been NON PC all my lfe and when I see it I don't allow those pushing it to intimidate me.  I push back with common sense and the truth.  All Americans that want reality to prevail MUST push back and not allow these thugs to get their way.  If you give the proverbial inch these people know how to take a mile.  And we see it across the country.  These "cells" are everywhere and they are not here to make America better.  We saw them tear apart the cities they have operated for many years.  The democrats ad their cohorts are allowing the destruction of America's once great cities.  The Governors and Mayors told their police to "stand down" and let the thugs loot and burn.  It started in Ferguson Missouri then Baltimore.  Now it has spread to other cities and sates run by democrats.  We must not allow this disease to move into other states and cities without a fight.

The thugs need to be stopped and it will not be a pretty sight.  They seem to like aggression and violence so perhaps they might need some pressure from the civilized people of America.  These people may be 1% or less of the total population and so far we have let them get away with their actions.  But we now must confront them and rid the public square of these people.  They are the American ISIS or Taliban in my view.  Taking down statues and removing military base names is removing our history.  We can certainly leave a Confederate General's name on a base and know we don't support the confederacy.  Why?  Because we have a brain and common sense.  These snowflake lefty types need to toughen up.  We push back at them and see they flee to mom's skirt for protection.  Why are we allowing them to win these culture issues?  We need to stop and think about their attempts to "remake America".  I like the country.

If you don't like the country I say pick one out, we will do a GOFUNDME for a ticket and some expenses for your relocation.  I am not going to allow you to change my country into a vision of a thug and lawless people.  Blacks make up 13% of America and most of them are with me.  Sure there are problems with crime and other issues but for goodness sake, we tried to rectify our collective "guilt" with many programs and laws over the years.  But to white liberals there will never be  forgiveness for things that ended 160 years ago.  You would never know that 500,000 Americans died in a civil war to end slavery.  Is that even taught in our leftwing higher seduction schools?  These thugs only seem to know history which occurred in their own lifetime.  And that has been a lifetime of privilege in this great country.  We need to reign in these people and teach them some history.  But that is the last thing the left wants.  These thugs love to disrupt and are prone to autocracy and violence.

America must step up and stop this madness.  If you loot and burn and hurt others you must be held to account.  Maybe a "chain-gang" punishment is at hand.  We caudal the criminals and in some states the lefty electeds are releasing them onto the streets before their time is served.  This is insanity.  And now with the ridiculous "no bail" laws the thugs go right back out the next day.  If we want to take back our wonderful country we must change who we elect.  If you like all this crime and violence keep electing these democrats.  If you want to restore law and order you have to elect people that will actually enforce law and order.  If a elected won't do their job and protect you and the country, boot their asses out.  If you can't get the cops to help you, look to their bosses and boot them out.

America is well worth saving and in my view our "normal" is just fine with me.  No NEW NORMAL is required.  I suggest these people that want to change the country move to a place that really needs them. And we will help with the travel expenses.

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