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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Liberal Guilt Tactics, Don't Fall for Them

I never knew nything about this mental malady until a couple of years ago. Call me naive, I guess. I thought humans were given a brain and the ability to think and talk so they could transmit their inner feelings and intelligence. At least I try to do that as do most of those I hang with. I never thought to project my feelings or opinions into the mouths and hearts of others. I try to use logic and debate to convince others. But now that I understand liberals and their brethren have no core beliefs I get why they "project". When you have nothing going on inside you, you do your best to hijack the other person and attempt to make them be what you really are.

I think that tactic worked for many years here in the political discourse of our country. Mainly used to make people feel guilty about something and then to intimidate them into silence. I am sure there are books written about this and I am sure it works. My political party has let that tactic prosper against them most of my life. We see the tactic in its simplest form by the use of the word "racist". There has been no better way to silence your opposition and keep the debate from going deeper than calling someone a racist. Shuts people right down. Most people. Not me. And I must tell you it drives a liberal nuts if you don’t give in and hide. I have determined they use that term because they are the actual racists.

They represent the democrat party mostly. And who were the democrats? They are the party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow and the thugs of the south when they were in power. Bull Connor who sikked the dogs on blacks was a democrat. George Wallace and most anti black governors were democrats. The people that murdered the three boys in the 60's in Mississippi who were simply trying to register blacks to vote were all democrats. Heck every single slave owned in America was owned by a democrat. Not one Republican ever owed a slave. And the Republicans were the party of freedom for the slaves from their democrat owners.

Now we see some bogus story in the New York Times about the first slaves in the hemisphere landing in Virginia in 1619. Now you might suspect these slaves were brought here from Africa by slave traders as we were all taught. But in this instance, they were slaves of the Spanish on a ship captured and looted by a English ship. A direct connection to Africa is not made here. The guilt of the slave owner is once removed. But the NYT article wants you all to believe it is your ancestors that did this and not the Spanish. This is important because the liberals and their mass media mouthpiece’s want you to feel guilt. They are projecting their own on others hoping it sticks. This leads the way to what happens when people feel guilt. They want to dispose of the feeling. So it opens the doors for things like "affirmative action" and "reparations" among many other things. Using this projected guilt on those weak kneed to accept it has worked for the manipulators throughout history.

In our country we are bombarded everyday by the left with "guilt". We must change the language to accommodate them too. Now we have seen things like the word illegal change in their vernacular (not mine) to be a pejorative. They downplay the term and now use simply immigrant. Or undocumented. While our laws say illegal is the correct term. And we all know it is correct that illegal is the correct term. But they repeat the lie with the help of their lying helpers in the media. Over time as they have said, repeat a lie enough times it becomes the truth. Heck that worked for Stalin and Fidel.

How about the "kids in cages"? We are a compassionate people and seeing something like that makes us upset. But the whole picture is muddled by the left so as to fool people from the truth. Holding cells for anyone are not very pretty. Ever been to a jail? And how do you protect anyone if they are able to wander off? And most of these little kids were sent by their so-called "caring " parents to trek alone across Mexico to get here. That is child abuse here in out country but the left only rails against their own and exempts the true perps, the parents. And when these waifs arrive and are placed in these detention areas, they are now SAFE! No more rapes of five-year-old kids. Or being forced to carry illegal drugs or get beat to death. But that is not the concern of the left. They project some deep seated dislike for detention on others to manipulate their feelings. And then they can control the argument. Don't let them do that to you.

Lately the "mass shootings" have occurred and the left uses them for their desire to rid America of guns. Of course, we are all outraged about these things but the solutions we have are much different. Guns are a piece of molded metal usually and are benign until someone pulls the trigger. It is the mind of that person that needs fixing. The tool cares not who holds it. But the left wants stringent laws and then ultimately confiscation. We want to help find those that are triggered before they kill. Since the Second Amendment is sacrosanct and we treat it the same as any other Amendment, it is treated with respect. We know from history that when the people are disarmed the people who aren't are now in charge. And if there is any doubt look at the mess in Cuba and Venezuela. You speak out there and you are up against the wall. But the left projects their hate for guns on others using the deaths of innocents to make us feel guilty. Sorry but it does not work on people with guts.

The left has tried so many tactics on the rest of us that I see their quivers of hate shrinking down to almost nothing. Since I started paying attention to the left back in the 70's I have watched them try almost everything to gain control of you and me. If you think weather and climate are something that happens every day and always has, well listen up. You are the cause of the changes on planet earth, not the natural cycles. You drive a car or truck it is you. Of course we know this is all hooey because if they were truly serious they wouldn't be driving their 1970 oil smoke spewing Volvo to the environmental meeting would they? Or now, Obama is buying a 15 million dollar house on the beach back east after telling us how fast the oceans are rising (which is not true). But all you plebes need to give up fossil fuel and skateboard the thirty miles to your work or we will beat you to death with guilt.

And I thought maybe a bit of President Trump to finish this off. Obama and his minions in the Attorney General's office as well as the CIA and the FBI spawned a plan to elect Hillary Clinton and defeat Donald Trump. Then oh my, Trump won and those "Seven Days in May" bureaucrats tried a coup. A quiet coup they said. But not really quiet. They drug our country through a hoax for three years and when it concluded they were left with nothing. But they truly harmed this great country. When Obama was elected, I accepted it. I never wrote a discouraging column and as far as I was concerned he was the President. Boot him at the next election. But not the left and the democrats. They are truly unhinged about Trump. Since their coup was unsuccessful, they tried other things. They projected their lefty racism and their own self-hatred as Americans and white people on the rest of us. But we are not like them. I am not like those lefty haters. I respect all people. We all have a shot at success here in America. But the left thinks we have to live on their socialist plantation so they project helplessness and envy and jealousy and they pit people against each other. How does that help and sustain America?

Of course it only divides us if we let it. Don't let them affect you that way. We are a strong and smart people. We have minds of our own. We don't need to allow the left to get in our heads and fill them with their failures. We are not failures here. We can keep this great country together but we have to defeat these people that want to control you and your brain. Have faith in America and don't let these lefty types project their lousy lives into you. Reject them and stay strong. Please!

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