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Saturday, December 1, 2018

George H W Bush 1924-2018. Rest in peace Mr. President.

A true hero and public servant.  He flew 56 missions in WW@ as the youngest Naval Avaitorin the service. See his WIKI HERE.
He and Barbara's wedding day


  1. What an amazing life and a true American. Too bad Obama's and the Clinton's snubbed the Trump's.

    1. What I find most nteresting is the press only likes and says good things about a Republican when they are dead. GHW Bush was trashed by the press and Clinton's team said the nastiess things as well. They tried to float a rumor he ws a cheater on is wife.

    2. Too bad Trump disrespected the Bush service by showing up late. He probably fell asleep on his tanning bed. Trump is not a true American.

    3. Trump is more American than you bub.


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