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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sexual Rants before Christmas 2017!

What a month already!  Women are coming out of the woodwork to accuse "powerful" men of sexual abuse and harassment.  And now it appears we have men turning on women for the same thing.  Probability some men turning on men and women turning on women too.  And some transgenders are turning on both sexes as well.  Do we have a score card?

I guess in my 67 years having people tell me women are these little helpless things was a hidden fact.  Most of the women I know are tough cookies.  And having been a single man in my life, I have watched and listened to women put male dolts in their place a few times.  Women in my opinion are not helpless.  They run companies, homes, families and anything else they want to run.  But now we see those "feminists" telling us all that they are "snowflakes".  Sorry, not selling.

These feminists think humans who interact with each other every day of their lives can be hornswoggled by these feminist tenets.  My goodness we males have been bashed all my life by these feminists.  They call us every name they can come up with to denigrate us.  Yet somehow they still are drawn to the "romance" of life and a mate for the most part.  Why?  Because it is natural and you cannot change human interactions of thousands of years in one generation. 

I know of no man that could run a household with kids as a single parent as well as a woman can.  It is a huge responsibility.  Men are not up to the task.  Women by nature are the nourishers, men are something else.  Can you even imagine the minute by minute life of a single mom?  Even a married mom?  No man can do that.  But for some reason the liberals and the feminists call these women "helpless".  Sorry, does not wash with me.  I remember in the early days of feminism that these women started trying to change the simplest of "rules" we males were instilled with.  Like opening the door for a women and holding it open until they passed through.  Or a car door.  I was chastised by a woman when I did that simple courtesy once.  What the heck?

But now we see the criminalizing of sexual activities between men and women.  Flirting is now a crime in the eyes of some.   How the heck are we supposed to get together if we have this wall up?  And now with 67 genders it is truly more complicated than ever.  Ad don't call someone by a gender they dislike or you may be arrested here in California.  Lunacy!  But we must all stop and take a deep breath.  If we criminalize flirting or hugging or whatever used to be fine interactive things we did, then look out.  What was once a way to get "justice" with a wolf might get you arrested for a "eye batting" or show of cleavage.  I kid you not, the zaniest things between the genders will become a crime and we all lose.

I think Americans are tiring of all this negative crap pushed on us by the left/democrats/media and there will be a backlash.  91% of the lamestream media reporting on President Trump has been negative.  Even though there have been many things positive, the left and their mouthpieces push negative.  But human nature will prevail and I think it is already doing so.  People like a positive message from time to time.  That is what Trump tries.  He uses positive words all the time to convey his favor.  As a businessman, he knows he would be unable to sell anything if he was negative or whining all the time.  The tactic is all democrat policy and portrayal.  Nothing good to get behind.  Always bashing.   The tax reform measure is the latest.  Rather than supply ONE vote to help give the country's middle class a break, the democrats trash everything.

All the important differences between the party's is right there for all to see.  All negative from the democrats.  From all over America the democrats come to voice their negativity on all the issues.  My guess is they have never met a payroll but they know better than the employers what is best for the employees.  We need to stop sending lawyers to Washington DC and get more "real world" people there.  Common sense is missing on the left.  And that won't wash n a dangerous and complex world.  Plus most of these lefty types seem to be wusses.  Oh my, he/she said I was thus and such.  Pass a law to keep them away and silenced.  We see that all over the campuses of our colleges and down to the Valedictorians at High School graduation ceremonies.  Can't say America is great!  Or thank Jesus.  You may be expelled.

America is coming back into full power.  It was on first gear or less under Obama.  Now it is picking up steam and seems to me to be in third gear.  The business of America is business and along with our Constitution and capitalism those have been the motors driving the planet.  People want to be a success.  Who the hell wants to be the "successful" drug dealer or "welfare" recipient?  Not too many.  Life out of the cave has been a long hard time.  But now the left is all about going back and living in that cave.  It is really dicey right now but I think the American people will not want to return to the "good ol' days" of cave living. We like that microwave and internet.


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