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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Americans have a disconnect with a President, regardless of party

Even that big lie was loved .ny the media
Most of the lamestream media use push-polls to make a point about someone or some issue that floats their boat.  Always looking for support they spend millions on these polls and then report their own polls as news.  This is a common practice these days.  It seems they started this back in the Bill Clinton Presidency.  His minions did daily polls to see what kind of toilet paper he should use.  Or the color of today's suit.  And he lived that way!  And Americans saw some naughty stuff he was doing in the Oval Office with a 23-year old babe who liked to play with his member.

And when he was caught lying to a FBI or Grand Jury, the polling, push-polling, said Americans would not hold that against him.  A disconnect of the people for a President and bad behavior.  So we had eight years of Bill and Hillary and even to me, I could care less if he was getting some nooky on the side.  I did not want to judge that so I did not.  I parsed his private peccadilloes with his job and the economy was hot and I was making money.  So it was with the country as well.  A disconnect between private acts and public policies.  I then understood it.

We saw the reverse with George W. Bush.  The economy was hot and he was going after the killers of Americans in Afghanistan.  The media screamed that he was a terrible doofus President and we heard that every day.  But the media and their polls were wrong again.  Even though they did their best to trash the man, the American people said hey, another term!  And he won over a terrible stuffy man, John Kerry.  People could not relate to him especially after learning he kept his yacht in Rhode Island rather than his home state of Massachusetts.  Tax was less and the man who married two millionaire gals was so tight he screwed his own state.  And the people said nope, we like Bush better.  Polls be damned.

Then comes Obama.  The first black and white President and a man who said he was black in heart and soul.  He was tall, good-looking and had a very soothing bassist voice.  It captivates the press members and some even got a tingle up their leg about him.  He was so popular with the press a book was written about them and their love of the man.  Bernard Goldberg wrote it about how the press slobbered all over him.  And for eight years we heard nothing negative about the man.  But the economy and his policies were terrible.  Yet his personal favorability ratings from the lamestream media polls were always over 60%.  A clear disconnect from the policies of the man and his personal "likeability".  And he got another term from th voters even though his economic policies were bad.

Now we have Trump.  The lamestream media and the establishment political class hate his guts.  And he returns the favor. He has a bully pulpit and he is not afraid to speak the truth to the fake news media.  The media takes all the things he says and turns them into crap.  They take him literally when he is saying something humorous.  We real people know that is humor.  But the sourpuss media Trump haters don't.  My goodness, the suicide rate must be high for them.  But here we are in a hot economy and records being broken in many areas of the economy.  Yet the polls are saying his favorability is in the tank.  Sure it is.  I see this as more fake news.  The media use polls that are heavilyy weighted to Trump's opponents.  Democrats, anarchists, liberals etc.  So to me, the results are pre-ordained.  Bad for Trump.

But since the economy is cooking it is my opinion the people are not that embroiled in Trump as the media.  People are at some point going to put two and two together and give some credit for the good to Mr. Trump.  Even though he is trashed in every story.  He is staying the course and calling out the media for their fakery.  I love that.  Having been subject to similar things at the local level from media and liberals, if you don't speak up and confront those liars you deserve what you get.  The fact is most people are disconnected to the media and don't believe them much.  And the media did this to themselves by twisting the news to make an opinion and the people figured it out.

If the media wants to get back into the good graces of the readers they must tell the truth.  And they must stop bending the words to mean something else.  It seems simple to me.  They must stop their personal hate for Trump, his voters and others of conservative life if they are to survive.


  1. "if you don't speak up and confront those liars you deserve what you get"

    Mr. Juvinall,
    Trump is going down and you are sitting here posting FAKE NEWS.
    I must call you out, according to your own words.

    1. So why not be courageous rather than a pussy and tell me your real name. But you won't because you are a wimpass coward. What a hoot!

    2. Mr. No name is a dyed in the wool liberal and as I have always said, "You can always tell a liberal but you can't tell them much"
      I won't even comment to "Mr Pussy no name" but the individual is one of Pelinskies septic tank residers.

      Excellent write up Todd and liberals hate to hear the truth, which I do not understand truthful relating to Clinton's good points and pointed out he let his other head control him now an then.
      You did not point out conservatives were upset with George H.R.Bush's performance and 20% of them, me included cast our vote for Ross Perot and Clinton won, but he was elected by that 20% that voted for Perot. And Trump came along. Yes Hillary was a weak suck opponent but Trump enlisted those same 20% that voted for Perot but it grew to enough voters coupled with his assessment that he must win the Electorate College and not the popular vote and he did and the ignorant DNC and Hillary are still pissing and moaning that they won the popular vote but too stupid figure it does not count.
      The lame brain "No Name Poster" Will still be pissing and moaning when President Trump wins his second term November 2020.
      Tim Gore

    3. The left really are all cut from the same cloth. The cloth of fantasy and delusion. But they can be entertaining as we see here. I enjoy destroying their arguments. And those that attack me personally I do boot as this is a rule. If you want to attack me personally, start your own blog. But here this is my playground so I boot their pernicious posts. I have a anonymous poster whining that I do boot them but I don't care.

    4. Back to Heidi Hall for a moment,I ask you all is it acceptable for a Nevada County Supervisor to be charged with multiple DUI's and the highest being over 2.0 BAC to keep her job? Is this behavior indicative of a responsible elected official? Probably so in Nevada County if its a liberal female but would a conservative male in that position survive? I think not.
      I don't care one way or the other as all of the supervisors are Rino's.

  2. To jump to another subject that has been discussed as of late, Nevada County Supervisor Ms. Heidi Hall must pay a hefty fine and the corker is nine months of "Drunk School" and in attendance will be others of the community in the nine month program with a BAC level twice or three times the legal limit. Ms. Hall included will as a prominent Nevada County Supervisor be with other derelicts and it will be less than a pleasurable experience for her. As a supervisor of Nevada County I am sure the program leader will give her preferential treatment others do not receive?
    Her only saving grace is that she is a flaming liberal so all will be fine.
    If she were a right wing conservative a lynch mob of liberals led by the ex Union Editor.
    Tim Gore


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