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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fake News, Clinton, Obama, Democrats, Etal

Well well well.  The truth will out!  And it will set us free.  But the liars of the democrat machine will burn in hell.  Look at who and what are the actual "dirty hands" in the sleazy "dossier" are.  Democrat party, Hillary Clinton and now the FBI!  The pursuit of Trump's campaign for collusion with the Russians was a hoax and totally contrived by the democrats and Hillary Clinton.

These lovelies have denied all this for over a year and now we know it is them.  This is a true undermining of American democracy.  And Clinton's bribes she received as Secretary of State for signing off 20% of America's uranium is the topper.  Of course, her husband's speech fees went to $500,000 per twenty minutes paid by Putin pals.  This is amazing.  And HRC's pals the Podesta boys got some big paydays from the Rooskies as well.  All the time telling America that Trump was the colluder. Can America survive these lies?  I mean it truly undermines the whole process.  And of course the lamestream media is defending the democrats and Clinton.  They cannot even be honest about these facts.

I watched a bit of a Anderson Cooper panel last night and this was the topic.  The democrats were totally disgusting.  They still try to make it a Trump action in the face of true facts they did this.  And the name calling by a couple of the women and Paul Begala, the apologist for the devil.  I finally turned it off as it was making me mad.  How could these people defend this?  They are all corrupt.  Trump was right and these democrats were the perps.  Let's see them do the perp walk into jail.

So all this time we have listened to the fake news of the lamestream media.  It appears the only truthful reporting was on FOX News and AM  Radio!  I never bought into the reporting of the lefty news media though.  And now the rest of America can see who the peddlers of fake news are.  And it makes me really sad.  Bernie Goldberg wrote "Biased" a few years ago.  It was how the left has taken over the media except in a couple of cases.  And how they are slobbering all over the democrats and the Clintons and Obama.  Now we see it is true.  Of course Goldberg was tossed out of all the cocktail parties for his apostasy.  But he was spot on.

What are we to do now that we all can see this propaganda by the lamestream media?  Some say we should read other sources on the same topics to ascertain the truth.  Isn't that sad?  We have a free press that sold its soul to the democrats and the left.  All trained in liberal arts colleges by leftwing professors.  Hard to overcome.  I would suggest the college administrations across America do the country a favor and start a "affirmative action" and hire a proportionate number of conservatives.  Of course, that will never happen but now we can all see the truth.  Skeptical.  Same for the other "religions" the left foists on us.  Climate Change anyone?  So don't take the lamestream media as a truth teller.  They can't even report the facts without a leftwing bias.


  1. The Obama administration, Obama, Podesta, Holder, Hillary, Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, the DNC and the list is long enough to stretch around the world.
    President Trump called it from the "Get Go" Oh yes and lets add the crooked directors in the FBI both past Comey and his butt buddy Mueller and which one of the two were on top or did they switch.
    Obama's House of Cards is ready to fall and his scumbag administration along with it.
    About time to really drain the swamp.
    The Clinton's will fall big time.
    By the time the fit hits the shan next year the democrats chance in the mid terms of 2018 are slim and none. I doubt the liberal fools with 1/2 a brain will not support them.
    Tim Gore

  2. Todd your last paragraph sums it up and is excellent.
    I had a political science professor in 1965 that was more a socialist than Alinsky (sorry if the spelling may be incorrect) so what you know what I mean.
    Don't remember his name but 95% or more of his class were Barry Goldwater Conservatives. Our name we coined him was "Liver Lips" as he would rant his liberal philosophies and get so excited he would drool on his tie.

    Those were the good old days living in Newport Beach, going to college, working full time at the Food Giant Market in Costa Mesa, body surfing the wedge, board surfing "Killer Dana" and making enough money to buy a 1965 Porsche 365 SC Cabriolet.
    And race a 33' Rhodes sailboat during "Wet Thursdays" beer can races and race in the Enesada Cinco de Maya race. It's a race out of Newport Beach that finished in Enesada, BC. on May 5th weather permitting.
    I don't worry about the liberals up here as they are a destructive breed that will be extinct shortly.
    Tim Gore

    1. The good old days! Yep I had them as well. But growing up here I do not recall one time when a teacher spouted politics. Or maybe I was not paying attention? LOL. Anyway this area was so much fun. We had lots to do and were never nored. Hell we had a party-lin telephone! And I walked a mile to get the gallon of milk from the neighbor who had a cow.

    2. I really enjoy Grass Valley, 1.5 miles to town but Old Auburn is a 35-40 MPH road for idiots who think it's the 580 in the bay area and 60-80 MPH is ok in their Jap cars.
      Ok dork brains, if you get behind my F-250 Ford Super Duty, crew cab, 8' bed, 8500 lbs. on Auburn Road I drive 30-35 MPH and don't tuck your little jap car behind me I can't see you and if you don't like my speed, drive 80 MPH on the 49.
      Tim Gore

    3. Always have those lead footed people on the roads. Never a cop around. Just have to gt used to it I guess.

    4. Well Todd thanks for the reply and my family have lived here since 1996 and back then drivers were more courteous. Times change but my driving habits don't. Therefore I drive a safe speed and that is 30-35 MPH.

      Long but amazing World Series Game tonight. Worth staying up late to watch.
      Tim Gore

    5. It was a great game. At last they are kneelers!

    6. Yes they don't have kneelers but the DNC certainly do have both John Podesta and Tony Podesta. Tony Podesta resigned today from his firm the Podesta Group. Are the Podesta rats abandoning a soon sinking ship?

      Who is the next to be in "Mullers indictment barrell" President Trump is pressing the DOJ through Attorney General Session and his assistant to stoke the fire and the DNC is next.

      John and Tony Podesta of the Podesta Group, a lobbying firm with deep ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration and the Democratic National Committee.

      John Podesta, the former chief of staff for ex-President Bill Clinton, ultimately left the Podesta Group to be a special counselor to former President Obama and then, more prominently, to run Hillary Clinton's campaign for the presidency in 2015.

      He also had founded the Center for American Progress, a left-wing think tank and advocacy organization, in 2003. (CAP is the umbrella group for a number of media vehicles such as Think Progress and Science Progress).

      If Mueller is the "Crown Jewell" of honesty and investigations then the Podesta's and Clintons are on his short list for the next "Mueller Grand Jury".

      This is a big deal and its a Pandora's Box Comey and Mueller opened up but Mueller is being paid a "Bunch of $$$$$".
      Tim Gore

    7. Not much in the indictments that have to do with the campaign. I think this is a weak on and going nowhere.

    8. I agree the indictments lack any reference and are weak suck and and fall below the statues by over five years (statute of limitations).
      As far as probable tax issues are tax no liens filed for 16 years by the IRS.
      Our little "Fruit Loop" friends at the FBI have sucked the big one so now to save face will go after the Clinton's.
      Tim Gore

    9. Nothing about Russia! Wow! And all the yapping by the fake news joints looks like we were right. Now with Hillary and her DNC pals exposed for paying 9 million to Fusion GPS for dirt on Trump and the Facebook etal social media sites getting money from Russians to undermine Trump, Mueller should stop and resign.

    10. NOW, the DNC was involved but "Billy Crystal" Crystal Clear, Romney and I am sure McCain scurried around and got the deep state version of the dossier to carry to Comey.
      Fusion GPS was paid from both sides. Hillary DNC and Deep State, Crystal, McCain and Romney.
      Now we have the newest, DNC / Bernie Sanders crooked primary scams by the DNC to nuke Bernie to cheat him out and slide Hillary in.
      Perhaps Bernie would have been hard to beat, I don't know but whoever paid for the Fusion GPS bullshit should be taken to task.
      Sessions should indite them all.
      Tim Gore

    11. When you look under the rock it always seems to be a democrat under it.


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