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Friday, May 5, 2017

H.R.1628 - American Health Care Act of 2017 Passes the House of Representatives 217-213

After a ObamaCare/DMV plastic surgery facelift!
Before ObamaCare/DMV facelift operation
A promise made for many years has now moved out of the House and on to the US Senate.  After 60 votes for repeal over the years, we now see the result of those promises.  Trump and the Republicans were toast as of a month ago.  They tried to ram a ridiculousObamaCare light bill through the House and it was stopped by the brave men and women of the Freedom Caucus.  Those Tea Party folks made the leadership rethink things and finally, we have something decent.

HERE is the bill and its text.

Now the Senate is expected to rip it apart and redo it.  And maybe it will pass their scrutiny.  Who knows?  Hopefully we the people will get some relief from this onerous ObamaCare mess.  But we see the screamers doing their best to make the age old democrat playbook work here.  "Oh it only helps the rich".  "Oh women and children will die".  And all the rest of the leftwing mumbo-jumbo.  The Republicans have got to resist peeing their pants in fear of this.  Get the government out of my insurance policy.  Let me decide what is best for me and the family.  All the others we help with block grants to states.  But leave our bodies and our health alone.

There are people who for some unknown reason think the healthcare and insurance of the people should be treated with DMV expertise and timing.  It has not worked.  ObamaCare is failing rapidly.  Over 1,000 counties in America have one provider.  In Iowa, it was just announced that 90 plus counties will have NO insurance providers.  So why would the democrats want to save this failed system?  And not one crossed the line to vote to repeal and replace ObamaCare.  All their yapping about "bi-partisanship" and crossing the aisle is now exposed as total BS.  They are uber partisans and unless it affects them all personally, not one will compromise. 

So here we go.  I say get out of the health insurance business altogether and let free markets reign.  For healthcare, we as a people try our best to help the old, poor and disabled and that will continue.  But to force the government into the decisions we should make with our doctors was never a good thing. (and the 25 plus lies Obama told us). And forcing the religious folks to obey rules that go against their beliefs was also never gaining traction, only resentment. And many more things that made ObamaCare a real drag on America.  For all the democrats yapping about the 24 million who will be affected, I say the other 300 million were shafted for them.  Now we are returning to sanity.  Thank you Republicans for finally having the balls to do the right thing.  American businesses can now hire people for 40 hours without your IRS coming down on them.  So American workers can return to one job and a decent wage rather than two or more part-time jobs and low wages.  


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