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Monday, October 10, 2016

Bill Clinton, front and center. And Hillary enabled him!

All you liberals who defended the rapes and abuses of young women under the power of the President.  Now here's a bit of your hypocrisy back in your face.  No hiding now.  The press has protected him all these years and denounced the women who came forward.  All because liberals said they would actually give Clinton a BJ as long as he supported their abortion positions.  So at the debate last night, Mr. Trump put the liberals/democrat hypocrisy right there for all to see.  He invited four of the women Bill abused and he was pretty nervous.  Here he is looking very pensive.  Where were those broads?  So all you Hollywood moguls sending millions to Hillary, listen up.  You cannot debase the culture and then cry chastity.  We see you for the scum you are.

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