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Monday, September 12, 2016

Me, Myself and the Deplorables

Isn't she a special person?  Speaking to a bunch of really rich people, Clinton told us Americans what she thinks of us.  Recalling Romney's observation in 2012 about the 47% pf people who don't pay taxes (federal), I got a little misty eyed.  But Romney never said what Hillary said in denigrating people personally.   Now if you recall Obama's comments about the "clingers" of guns and religion, you probably can  see why I have no use for this woman or her party.  As she retires to her daughter's 20 million dollar apartment in New York, I am sure Trumpaphobia is consuming her thoughts.  How could that Trump character be tied with her?  Afterall, she is so much better than the rest of us Trumpsters.

But Trump had a great response to this pompous bee-atch and her snotty retorts.  All those veterans, plumbers and yes, contractors, those dolts that play by the rules, never get arrested are just "deplorable".  Everyday Americans, struggling and working, taking their kids to daycare so they can make enough money to pay their taxes to her monstrous money grubbing.  Honest to GOD, I am so sick of these kinds of people.  We have a couple here in our county as well.  Better than you and me.  Well, guess what all you "better than us" creeps.  We are going to run the country for a while.  You have wrecked the place and now it's time to take America back from "big government" and the commissars.  Those with the Dacha's on the Black Sea are going to sit this next eight years on the bench.  Hillary and Bill, right there passing the water bottle as they age into oblivion along with the governing style and philosophies.  Bye bye!


  1. Very well stated Todd! The silent majority is sick of this crap and is coming to take our country back!

    1. Hillary even lies about her health. These people are unbelievable.

  2. Two 'deplorables' t-shirts already on order.


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