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Friday, September 2, 2016

Immigration. Don't we have the right to decide who comes here?

Donald Trump gave a policy speech on immigration the other night.  It was in Phoenix, Arizona and in front of a huge crowd of people.  I listened to the whole thing and I must say the man is not PC.  He did not mince words. HERE is the full transcript if you want to read it without a filter.  Of course the media and the talking heads had their opinions within seconds of his completion.  And they are mostly ridiculous.  Some pundits and lamestream types started calling him a "racist" and a "xenophobe" and a "fascist" because he wants to tighten up the policies of open borders and visa overstays.  Typical.Image result for immigrant cartoons

The media and the democrats were relentless in demanding Trump tell us his policies.  They beat the drum everyday for him to tell them what exactly he means.  Well, I knew all they wanted was for him to give the details so they could call him the names they did.  And to parse and dissect his words into meanings he never imagined.  That is why the people of America, well, except the "sheeple" are fed up with the talking heads and the lamestream media types.

Now all those media people are citing stats that say there is a net out-migration of illegals and therefore no action is necessary.  My goodness, after all these years we are losing people back to their homelands?  Not happening.  And "deportations" are way up they say.  Well sure, because they count people at the border who are turned back.  Bureaucracy and politic ans are so creative. 

Trumps is saying we need to assimilate all those that have come here in the last few decades.  Just like Coolidge did in the 1920's.  That assimilation lasted until 1965 when Teddy Kennedy and other open border politicians changed the laws and the flood began.  Well isn't it a national "right" to decide who and how many immigrants we let into our borders?  Of course it is.  And don't let the "world citizen crap" influence your opinions.  We want a country?  We need borders and enforcement of them along with booting those who overstay their visa's.  No other country on the planet is as lax as ours regarding immigrants.

Trump says we need to build the wall and in the areas where topography makes it tough to build we can use tech and people.  Using sensors to discover tunnels and agents to patrol the rest should stem the flow.  Our country has to assimilate these people who have arrived legally.  The illegals will probably self deport once there is real enforcement.  That happened when President Eisenhower did the same thing in the 1950's.  It costs the American taxpayer billions of dollars to support many of these illegals.  And the existing policy of allowing immigrant to bring along every member  needs to end as well.   Though Trump did not mention the 14th Amendment I suspect there will be a re-interpretation of it if he is elected.  The Amendment was for the blacks freed from slavery and not for every pregnant woman who can sneak across out borders for a birth.

Today's SacBee had a extensive article on Trump's speech.  It was not too biased so it kept my interest.  The bottom line to me is this.  Trump agrees that immigrants need to assimilate into the American culture.  Not the other way around.  If you want to immigrate, do it legally.  If not you are a criminal and will be sent home.  No more tax money to support illegals.  Control and review the money transfers of illegals back to their home countries and tax it.  Build the wall and tighten the controls to keep people from sneaking in.  That will also slow down the flow of drugs and weapons that are undermining our country.  Weak minded Americans on drugs are as responsible in the mess in my view as well.  Redo the visa's so we get the best and brightest immigrants and those that have their own money.  Place caps back in for all the countries as was done for a century before all this illegal PC stuff started.

Overall, if we want to have a country we need to institute these kinds of controls.  We see the results of stupid policies as in Germany, France and Sweden.  If people want to come here they must assimilate and swear allegiance to our country.  If not, Katie bar the door.  No more country suicide.  America attracts a million new citizens each year so there must be a reason they come.  So we can require them to be what we require.  Simple.


  1. you realize that the 'flood' as you call it is actually negative on the mexican border (for republicans who are unable to think, that means that the net flow across the border is more to the south than to the north).


    1. Sorry don't believe it. These are the same statisticians who say a deportation is a return at the border. That is for democrats that don't know how to read.

  2. You're right Todd. I can't believe unknowns comment. Maybe I'm missing something, but Mexico doesn't encourage people from other countries other than to be tourists and spend money there. BMW

  3. It isn't a matter of whether we have the right. This is a government/legal issue and the government has powers rather than rights. In my opinion the government has the power to control immigration, has done so in the past, and should do so today in order to ensure domestic tranquility and protect our economy.


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