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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Trumps Helpers, Pay Attention

I know I am speaking to the choir here but we all need to stay strong. The media and that lying Hillary are really something. They are trying to smear little Melania on immigration and besmirch her reputation. I could care less if she posed naked. She is a beauty. And don't we all practice forgiveness when we are confronted with the truth? Sure we do. And all these liberals in the press and the big mouths on the talk shows have beaten us up all these years about how we should allow all those millions of illegals to stay. How we need to be compassionate to them. Let them come out of the shadows. Mainstream all of them. Overlook those that murder and rape. The media could care less about Kate Steinle. Now these same liberals are attack dogs on Melania. They remind me of a junkyard dog covered in ticks. The media is the tick. I say leave her alone you liberal hypocrites. Go back under your rock and get into rehab.
And tonight Trump is is in Green Bay where a favorite son, Aaron Rodgers lives and plays quarterback for the Packers. Trump is supposedly going to endorse Paul Ryan in his race to maintain his Congressional seat. I say, great! Trump and all those disaffected Republicans on the PC juice need to come together for the party and the country to defeat that liar Clinton. Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Ted Cruz. Listen up boys. You are coming across as sore losers and whiners. I faced worse here at the local levels for goodness sake. I think of liberals that way. Cry babies. You all and any other Republican in or out of office that are too childish to help the party, I say get out! Or just shut your mouths. We want team players. We want to win. If you want to lose and be babies, then go to the PandF party. We want winners. Trump is OK. He is not a typical politician. You all are and we will reject your sorry asses if you don't jump on the Trump train and start helping.

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