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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trump's Press Conference today. Amazing candor!! It is nice to hear a non-politician.

If you have the courage to listen to the whole Press Conference  you will have a taste of what the man's appeal is to the people.  Polls are now showing him gaining or ahead nationally.  He answers all the questions asked by the lamestream media, the branch of the democrat party we always knew didn't we?   He is asked so many ridiculous questions and he gives back some great answers.  Unfiltered and true.  We see the desperation of the lamestream media in trying to get him to step on his tongue.  But he is totally outsmarting them and the DNC.  In the old days each party was careful to not step on the others conventions.  Well, Trump doesn't care.  He took over the news cycle and kept Bill Clinton's ridiculous speech to go the way of yesterdays lettuce.  So here you go.  Buckle up for the ride.  You will like it a lot.  The NON-Politician.  What a hoot!!  And Hillary has not had a press conference for almost a year!  December 2015 and only seven questions "allowed" to be asked by the lamestreams.  Nice to see the American Flags behind Trump.  The DNC finally got a couple of little ones on their podium last night.

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