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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Union Editorial Page is a true American example of freedom for all of us numbskulls

There are few places on the planet where people have the choices we have right here in "River City".  Meaning of course the freedom of our First Amendment.  In many countries if someone wrote anything like we see in columns and letter in our local paper, that person or person's life would be at risk.  Try it in North Korea or Iran!  But this small little local newspaper's   opinion pages,  is what makes America standout in the nations of the earth.

There was a well written article on why Muslims need to denounce jihadists.  In Saudi Arabia this writer would probably be beheaded after a fair trial.  But he is absolutely correct when he says there needs to be a re-education (reformation maybe) of the meanings of those violent provisions of the religious book.  There will not be enough virgins in the Islamic heaven if they carry out their violence.  And what about the gals?  Do they get 72 fellas?  No one has informed me or the world yet about that.

Then we read the "Keep it California" column where those folks don't want to split the state into two.  I guess we would elect two Republican Senators and that is just not their cup of tea.  If I was a rabid left wing democrat with a complete hold on all the elected state offices I suppose the status quo is to be protected at all costs.  Forget representation of a whole mass of people who make the state actually work and who pay taxes.  Isn't that why we fought a war in 1776?  Taxation without representation.  Never again will we see a Republican or a conservative in state office in California unless the Supreme Court  tosses Reynolds V Sims or the state is split.  However, I have maintained for many years that if all the lazy ass Republicans would get out and vote we could actually take our state back from the barbarians.

Further on the Saturday February 6, 2016 pages we see a article from a Jeff Vogel.  He says that Altria, the new name for Phillip Morris, and their Tobacco products are worse than Al Queda.   Of course he rants and raves about all the :big" corporate terrorists and leaves ISIL pretty much a also ran.  You can't make this stuff up.  A company that sells a legal product versus a Islamic terrorist outfit that cuts heads off just for the fun of it.  And the tobacco product is a choice people make.  I am sure Mr. Vogel is fine with heroin and cocaine and all their derivatives.  Big Oil?  Not so much.

We also have a so-called "rebuttal" to Norm Sauer's excellent article debunking "global warming".  The Janis McGregor letter does not supply any facts to debunk Mr. Sauer's facts but she does want everyone to feel terrible about breathing out CO2 I guess.  You see, the EPA and the idiots on the Supreme Court have decided that what we humans and every other living creature exhales is a pollutant.  And we must regulate that "pollutant".  So we get taxed and told what we must do with all aspects of "carbon" that makes life possible.  Of course green plants need the CO2 to live and make the planet hospitable to life but McGregor must have forgot that.  Honestly, you people that believe that hoax scare me a lot.  You need to exit the planet and leave it too the rational people.

These are some of the ways we learn and a newspaper is important for that.  Our local paper, unlike the big papers in the population centers, allows varying types of letters discussing most anything.  My fear though is the people of America are getting substandard educations and that leaves them to be influenced by the loudest mouths from the left.  But if all newspapers would print as many points of view as our little paper here, then my confidence might be restored.  What is the old saying?  Never believe anything you hear, only half of what you read?  And maybe more of what you see? Something like that.


  1. Tesla and Mr. Musk live off public funds, tax credits and they subsidized by a massive amount the taxpayers money. The lefties just love Tesla and Mr. Musk.

    Electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc. says its net loss more than doubled to $320 million in the fourth quarter, hurt by lower-than-planned production of its new Model X SUV.

    The loss, equal to $2.44 per share, was deeper than its loss of 86 cents per share in the same quarter a year earlier. The Palo Alto automaker said revenue rose 27% to $1.2 billion for the quarter as worldwide deliveries of its Model S sedan increased to 17,478. The company delivered only 206 Model X SUVs.For the full year, Tesla lost $889 million, wider than a $294-million loss in 2014. The automaker, founded in 2003, has never made a full-year profit. Investors are paying close attention to the results because the electric-car maker’s stock has tumbled 40% this year amid concerns

    1. That reminds me of the automobile brand from the movie "Robocop" SUX!

  2. Here's a basic Tesla over view:

    •Loss per car sold at near-record high: $18,331.
    •Negative net margin at record high: Minus 26.4%.
    •Gross margin at record low: 18%, down from 27%.

    The BIG question now is, What will Tesla show at the Model 3 reveal on March 31? The company didn’t answer the question of how the Model 3 could be sold profitably for $35,000.

    As has become an annual tradition, Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) opened the year by promising that this is finally the year when it will show profits and positive cash flow, this time driven by its new minivan, the Model X. It also posted a record quarterly loss: $320 million.

    Meanwhile, in honor of Tesla losing a record $320 million in the quarter, Nissan (OTCPK:NSANY) didn't waste any time by launching a new 5.6 liter, V8-powered SUV that may yield 19 MPG just minutes after Tesla's conference call ended.

    Speaking of Nissan, earlier in the day, it had already started taunting Tesla by reporting $3.7 billion in net income for the nine months ending December 2015. During the same nine months, Tesla racked up losses of $734 million. Ouch.

    Tesla in the tank and failing to perform from the start. Tesla supported by a LOT of taxpayers money, rebates, subsidies, big public money gifts to set up shop in Nevada. The Libs call Tesla a cutting edge success, what US businesses should all be like.

  3. Tesla hater must be a Ford or Chevy man. Typical.

    1. Funny how the loony FUE criticizes profit making companies and praises the subsidized ones. No wonder the country is in tatters with his way of thinking prevailing under Obama and now with Hill-Billy and the Bern! They all think alike, a bunch of podunks sheeple. The FUE's thinking belongs in the old USSR!

  4. The jeffy is upset that you're harshing his radiant progressive future.....

    jeffpelline says:

    February 11, 2016 at 6:36 am

    The sock puppet on Todd’s blog is pointing to the latest quarterly loss, painting Tesla as doomed — but he’s ignoring the bullish outlook for a $35K car. He writes: “The lefties just love Tesla and Mr. Musk.” Todd responds: “That reminds me of the automobile brand from the movie “Robocop” SUX!”

    Todd and his sock puppets are “chain smoking dinosaurs” — right in our own backyard.

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Not in your own backyard.......and this after you thought you could turn Nevada City in the "Tiburon of the Pines".

    And the Tesla does bear a passing resemblance to the SUX 6000 in a 70's sort of way. You should learn to "Dig Deeper™" before you put those sausages to keyboard jeffy.

    PS: You should probably let the Nevada City PD know about this post.....I'm sure it belongs in my file.

  5. Not a Ford or Chevy person hating on Tesla, just a business owner and taxpayer that hates public funded subsidies that lower the Tesla price of the Model 3 by 1/3 or more. The base Tesla price is publically funded by a $7,500 federal income tax credit. In addition there are additional state by state taxpayer funded incentives, AKA taxpayer funded purchase subsides. Additional state taxpayer funded subsidies further reduce the price by $6,000 in Colorado, $2,500 in California, Massachusetts, Tennessee and others states.

    Tesla is facing intense scrutiny from investors after endless production delays for the rollout of the Model X SUV. Tesla stock has tumbled 38 percent so far in 2016, wiping out $12 billion in market value! Pressure is mounting for the launch of the delayed Tesla Model 3 which Musk says will go into production next year. But the finance and business folks say "Don't count on it".

    Based on Tesla's elitist buyer business model the first Model 3's off the line probably won't be the $35,000 base model price for the Model 3. The Tesla business model is to launch new products with a loaded, feature rich "Signature Series", which in the case of the Model X would cost about 75 percent more than the base model. For the Tesla Model 3 the initial average price of at least $60,000 before tax incentives is expected, not the $35,000 base price for the Model 3.

    Mean time Chevy will start selling its 200 mile range Bolt for $30,000 by the end of 2016, beating Tesla to its goal of producing an affordable long range electric car by a significant margin.

    Tesla Motors losses more than doubled to $320 million in the fourth quarter of 2015. The loss was larger than its loss in the same quarter in 2014.

    Tesla lost $889 million in 2015, more than the $294-million loss in 2014. Tesla founded in 2003 and has never made a profit. Tesla's stock has tumbled 40% this year. Without taxpayer public funded subsidies Tesla would not be selling any cars. When the public funded purchase subsidies come to a halt Tesla will sell even few cars and will loose even more money.

    1. Don't forget all of the taxpayer funded incentives, tax breaks and funding for the Tesla plants to be built. Tesla would not exist without endless taxpayer money.

  6. Todd, you are on to something. There are many statements being tossed about by the purple people that are almost word for word quotes from Lenin, the former USSR, and the Nazi political machine. I wonder if they are aware of this eerie echo from the past. Too weird? What goes around comes around.

  7. Check out NC Scooper's latest. They just nailed the FUE. Here's the link to the NC Scooper story, LOL, LOL, LOL!

    1. Just checked this out on the NCScooper website. What a hoot! Scooper nailed what Scoopie Cartman is all about.

  8. HO,HO,HO, the Scooper nails it again!

    1. Hope they harpoon the purple hippo next time!

  9. Anybody notice that jeffy seems to have a thing for middle management Hispanics....the Clerk Recorder....the new Forest Service guy? NTTATWWT......I am enamored of Hispanics too! I prefer women though.......and I don't really care what position they occupy in government. But hey, jeffy is as entitled as anybody else in this great nation to indulge in any of the legal kinks he chooses.

  10. jeffpelline says:

    February 11, 2016 at 9:42 pm

    The fools on Todd’s blog have discovered an old post on NC Scooper about me. It is “news” to them. I wonder if they have heard about the Lindbergh kidnapping? ROFLOL. “You can’t fix stupid.”

    "News to them....."

    psssst.......I think they are much more entertained because it's satire about you.

    "I wonder if they have heard about the Lindbergh kidnapping?"

    What no reference about "yesterdays lettuce"?

    “You can’t fix stupid.”

    Well to his credit Michael Kesti is desperately trying to "Fix Stupid" over at RRs. I think it's a questionable venture. You'll probably want to warm up the "Memory Hole" about your latest series of mathematical and logical errors.

    1. Since I don't read the Scooper It would be accurate that I have no idea if it is a old post. It proves that even those nuts over there can't hack the bigboy.

  11. News flash to the grossly obese one. The NC Scooper just posted the fatman in question story two days ago on the NC Scooper site. It's on the front page of the NC Scooper website right. It was also posted on the NC Scooper Facebook page on 2/10/16. The grossly obese one should post it on his blog for all to see the Scooper's take on the biggest, self absorbed hater in Nevada County.

    1. With the FUE's obvious lack of journalistic skills and his ability to fib about everyone and anything, it does not surprise me. We see why he has no friends and most people hate his guts. Podunk describes him well. What a hoot!

  12. Here's an even better one from the archives of NC Scooper:



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