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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

White privlege? What the hell are you talking about?

Hillary Clinton is apparently sad she  is a white skinned human.

All I can say is shut your mouth!  All you liberals who are trying to make a whole subset of the human race feel bad about their color?  Their success?  My goodness, do you see how ridiculous you sound?  All you big mouths trying to tell the planet's people about some sort of hand up or a better life simply because of skin color?  And you are so ready to demonize anyone else talking about other skin colors as racists.  So you idiots are racists in my view.

White people make up a small percentage of the colors of humans.  Hell there are 1.5 billion Chinese for goodness sake.  Five times the number of total Americans!  And we are supposed to be meek because we are white?  I love the color of my skin.  Why would I want to be a self hater?  You white liberals and journalists are it appears.  Well, do reverse Michael Jackson then.

I thought you liberals were so tolerant and non judgmental.  I mean you are always telling us that.  But here we are listening to your whining about white privilege.  In my opinion you all are simply lazy asses and want our stuff.  I worked for mine.  You need to stop exhaling envy and get to work.  If you can't find a job, make your own, I did.  But It appears there is no money to be made in that so you simply want us who have worked to hand over our money and stuff.  You think you are owed.

Well you are not owed squat.  Get off the sofa, put down the bon-bons and do something creative and worthy.  Stop this whining.  America exists as a place all can succeed.  If you want what I have, then work for it.  I have already sent you 6 trillion dollars to try and help yet that is not enough.  You want to invade my country and claim some sort of the right to flag it.  Go back to where you came from and try to get away with your attitudes you show here.  La Raza etal! And when you decide this great country is really your last best hope, pledge allegiance, do the right things, work hard speak the language well and voila!  You may get the same things I have worked hard for.  Burt stop this incessant yapping about "income inequality".  This is America.  A free Enterprise country.  We protect you individually with our Constitution.  Created by white skinned men. Oh my!

So if America is to proceed as a success, you whiners about "white privilege" have to shut your pie holes and get on the work train.  Through meaningful work you will achieve the self image of success that alludes you as a racist whiner and envious dolt.  I know many successful people who are not white and they to my knowledge were never like you.  They worked hard for themselves and their kids.  And they became successful people.  Up the ladder because they did not waste a breath on complaining but used that breath to advance.  Try it.  Make me proud. 


  1. "White Privilege" is the term employed once "Racism" stopped working like it used to.

    1. Well I push back on both thosde ridiculous terms. I will be in their face.

    2. I can't comprehend how the LIBTARDS spread their grain like the Romans who conquered everything, everywhere, in the sight of an Indian with leather moccasins from the buffalo that eats the grain in the plains of AMERICA, the land of the Free and the home of the BRAVE, that they so badly wish to bolster with their green energy and thoughts of ice and fire! They create divides for in this great country because they are wishy as the waves of the dwindliest ocean that swirls like the seas of typhoon, trapping all the squid that dare enter the moistness of the AMERICAN AIR!


  2. There are a couple of idiots that keep sending me nasty sex attacks as anonymous. You are truly sick bastards and probably have tiny members and are trying to compensate. Anyway I don't post anonymous attacks on me. If you want to post and are identifiable then maybe. But give it up and go back to your little room and get a grip.

  3. Your article was very true and to the point as usual Todd. Anyone with sense would agree. We, as human beings, are fantastic. We're capable of profound creativity or destruction. The choice is ours. America's Contitution and Bill of Rights encouraged and protected our creativity. I used the past tense because the destructive side of our society is doing its best to undermine our freedoms. BMW

  4. Go there Todd.....that is quite a repetitive rant.

    Can you at some stage explain exactly what it was that Hillary Clinton said that upset you?

    You won on life's lottery dear boy. But in doing so, you seem to think everyone can win the lottery.

    Is it possible for everyone to win the lottery. No. There are very few winning tickets. Just because yours won is no reason to bad mouth others who didn't. I think there is a lot that is ill thought out in your ramble through Juvinallworld.

    So you weren't educated, no one helped you along the way, you had no head start in terms of the opportunities you found about you, and you had no strokes of good luck in your success.

    That would truly be remarkable.

    You should try reading Guns, Germs and Steel (Jarred Diamond) sometime! It is a very interesting and thought provoking read.

    1. Sound like neobiognosis is just a guilt ridden liberal who regrets not being black or a woman. Self hate is understandable as your local leader is a bunch of puss bags who need lancing. Go FUE, Go FUE, Go FUE. ROFLOL


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