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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rants Galore, August 11, 2015

Being an avid reader of political gumbo it is sometimes all I can do to maintain my sanity.  It seems that California and many other areas around America are governed by insane people.  Watching how people react to reality is fascinating.  With "political correctness" running amok in the halls of government at all levels, I have a deep concern for our country's longevity.  However, I am a optimist in most parts of my life and know some of this insanity of governance is ephemeral.  Can the country survive this?  Here are some of my latest concerns and I am sure they won't be the last.

17 men and women vying for the Republican nomination keep the lamestream media hopping.  What great theater!  But we can see the vacuousness of the media in their decisions about who the American people get to hear.  Of course, Donald Trump knows how to play the media and he is doing a fantastic job of all that.  The media is lazy.  Hell, all they have to do is write about all this back and forth Trump does with others and they don't even have to leave their desks!  The media does no research any more.  They egg on the candidates to say derogatory things about the others and then the media just writes it down.  I see it in the TV news reports and Sunday shows as well.  Donald Trump knows how to use them.  He is making them look as foolish as we all thought they were.

It is way Early to get to excited about the Presidential race anyway.  The issues are going to be really different by next year so I don't get too worked up about any of this.  (Walker is my fav right now) I am concerned though that the present occupant of the White House is selling the country down the road to mediocrity.  93 million Americans who would be working are just sitting home having a ham sandwich and watching Jerry Springer because the can.  The American government machine is doing its best to send more of our jobs to other countries.  It is the best evidence that the bureaucracies of America have no clue about "cause and affect".  75,000 pages placed into the Federal Register (which needs an overhaul) by just the federal departments last year.  Each page of those documents contains more restrictions on people, places and jobs.  And no end in sight to this "love" of rules and regulations!  Add the state and local rules and regulations and within my lifetime we have seen the freedoms of Americans vanish.

California legislators and our Governor have outlawed the use of the word "alien".  What are we going to call those Martians when they attack?  But hey, we are now PC, don't you all feel better?  No matter the state is on fire, we have high unemployment, we have huge numbers of people on welfare.  We are in a drought and jobs have vanished and reformed in Texas.  We pay tuition to illegals and supply food and classrooms to "aliens".  We are now allowing illegals to sit on Boards here! Gadsden Purchase reversed and we pay the costs! .No, we have now seen the extent of the smarts of those kids under the Sacramento Dome.  My GOD we are allowing these idiots to govern us?  Maybe they should go back to elementary school and use those restrooms they just turned into a choice.

Hillary Clinton keeps putting her foot in her mouth.  Her campaign promise about donations being transparent (for Republicans of course) does not seem to work for her.  She has accepted "dark money" from "non-profits" whose donors are not findable.  When will the democrats decide she is just not Presidential material?  Well, probably never since most of them are on assistance and she will keep the  money flowing.  If ever America had a worse choice for the top spot, I think this woman (and her philandering hubby) are it.  All these warnings from her, almost a psychologists wet dream for mental illness, is right there!  I think Bernie Sanders the self avowed socialist running for the democrat nomination is nipping at her heals.  Funny though, the democrats have a socialist running in their primary as a democrat! The media does not find that extreme?   Maybe the country can now see what we on the right have been saying about the democrat party going way left?

Ferguson, Missouri riots again.  If anyone reads the press reports (except FOX) about this "anniversary" you would think that Michael Brown was some innocent little boy gunned down by some rogue white cop.  Even though all the investigations showed otherwise, the press has their narrative about "hands up, don't shoot" and by golly they are not going to let it go.  All a fabrication of course.  The addendum to all the stories the lamestreams write is the fact this "gentle giant" of a "boy" was shot and killed by a "white" policeman.  Never mind that when crimes are reported the press hardly ever puts the race (or immigration status) of the perp in the story.  Now we see the black protesters rioting and shooting in Ferguson again.  We even have another 18 year old black kid shot by police.  Why?  Because he fired at them!  But the press will make him a hero.

Locally it seems to me nothing has really changed regarding the business growth and job opportunities here.  We have the phony unemployment numbers from the state but I can attest they are phony.  In my travels I talk to lots of people and there just are not any good paying jobs here,  mainly for the young families.  We see the results in the closure of schools and the increase in people getting assistance.  Our spoiled people even protest and threaten lawsuits to stop a store in the Alta Sierra area.  Zoned many years ago after countless hearings, the land sits fallow now.  I am sure the store could be designed to fit in.  It might even keep traffic lower on Highway 49, but for some reason the naysayers are once again out in force.  It seems no matter what is attempted in our little "old folks home" county, it just gets attacked.  No wonder we have a reputation as the county no one wants to try do anything in.

 I usually don't say anything about what the County Supervisors do or say since I was one once.  But I must say I think their County Counsel Ms. Green is giving them terrible advice.  I saw where they have spent another $150,000 on legal fees to fight the people wishing to build a structure on their own property in Penn Valley.  These folks own property with a "ridgeline" and the Planning Department says they cannot build on or near it.  So to enforce this "taking" of the property by the county, lawyers are getting some really good paydays.  In my view these "ridgelines" of private property are being restricted illegally.  The General Plan of the county says they are important to the "views" of others.  If so, buy them!  Or change the General Plan! I would suggest it would be much cheaper to change the plan and do what's right than allow all these lawyers, including County Counsel, to play fast and loose with our money!  I have potholes that need filling.  Also, County Counsel has ill advised the Board about the San Juan Mine application.  If the County was serious about jobs they would proceed with this application filed about three years ago.  But because of a bogus misreading of the CEQA law, the Board has been sent down a path of legal mumbo-jumbo created out of thin air by Counsel.  Just tell her this is the deal and stop listening to bad advice!

Not to get too mushy but here I go.  Every day is a blessing to be alive and in decent health.  I travel sometimes to local old folks homes here in the county.  I see all these folks in their wheelchairs and some are also bedridden.  Once productive healthy people in their lives now populating these places.  It breaks my heart.  Aging should not come to this.  Many of these people have no visitors.  Their kids are somewhere else (the bums) or just don't care about them.  All they want is someone to talk to and who cares about them.  I know the people working there are good and fine people.  But still, if you have time go volunteer to visit these people.  We owe our elders that don't we?  God will bless you.


  1. Prediction time.

    Hillary goes out over her email server, classified/top secrete email issues with a side order of Benghazi cover up. Charges will be filed sooner or later, it's only a matter of time.

    The Dem's work it out and call up and run one of the following; Gore, Biden, Kerry, maybe Schumer and Warren in play too. One of them is green lighted and runs against Sanders for the Dem nomination.

    Would Sanders run third party if he doesn't get the D nomination? Can he play the "maybe" card like Trump? Sanders will be pressed to endorse the Dem selected that cut him off.

  2. Here's the best breakdown of Hillary's email issue I read:


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