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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The democrat party is from another planet and some other RANTS for the week!

America has a problem.  Democrats have the White House/Executive branch and all their lies trickle down to the lowest level of American life.  And it is all bad!  This week alone we who pay attention to this crap have seen numerous examples of the silliness and downright subterfuge perpetrated on the country by these aliens from planet earth. Go to this oldie but goodie song by the Knickerbockers for a summary of my feelings about the democrat populace.

Levin the Ungrateful
I watched Senator Carl Levin from Michigan grilling executives from Caterpillar at his sub-committee.  He was alleging the company had created a "make believe" subsidiary for Cat parts in Switzerland in order to keep the Cat profits from being taxed here in the USA.  He treated these people like crap.  Cat has 118,000 employees of which 52,000 are here in America.  They paid 600 million dollars last year in taxes.  Yet Levin wants more.  Of course he admits that what Cat did was perfectly legal yet still treated them like he was their daddy and they were little kids to be bullied and chastised.  He is a big government democrat and all I got from his attacks on Cat was he wants more of their money so he can spend it on what he wants.  Never mind that GM is in his state and is now under fire.  Never mind GM was "bailed out" of bankruptcy by the taxpayers.  His constituents are probably grateful.  Cat unfortunately in in Illinois.  I did not see Dick "Turbin" Durbin there defending his state's company.

Rand Paul, Ron Jonson and Portman from Ohio were there and they did a great job slapping down the Michigan Senator for what I consider his bullying tactics.  A great American company  treated the way Levin did  is so shameful I think he should resign and beg their forgiveness. (That was voiced by Rand Paul bless his heart). Oh, I did hear he was "retiring".  I bet he has a great taxpayer pension.

Then we had had the Obama "Mission Accomplished" peepee dance in the Rose Garden as he chortled about a supposed 7.1 million sign up number to Obamacare. (Sorry Pelosi, he called it that in this lovefest).  There is no credibility to these numbers.  They ae simply made up and a fantasy.  There is no trust! (Keep your doctor, keep your plan).  Besides, it was reported that the total number of uninsured has risen to 47 million, and this was after all this hype about the "successful" number of signups.  Also, only around 20% of the enrolled are "new".  What about the 40 million plus who never signed up?  All were supposed to sign or get a fine weren't they?  So why the victory lap?  Seems like a complete failure to me.  The press did their "stenographer" job and dutifully reported what they were ordered to print and say.  America is the loser.

What part of the 7.1 million are "Medicaid"?  Isn't that relevant?  Sure it is because the taxpayers are paying it yet not one question from the embarrassment we call the free press.  How can these sloven press sycophants sleep at night?  Oh, maybe they want a job from Obama like all their pals that have already been hired?

Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrell, testifies before the House ...Benghazi was once again front and center thanks to the Republicans in the House.  They had the Deputy Director of the CIA, Michael Morell, who now admits he changed the talking points about the attack.  My goodness, if there are any more idiots like this man in charge, is it any wonder Iran spits on us?  Morell is a liar and a baldfaced one as well.  He changed his story more than Obama has on ObamaCare.  America is less safe because men like this Morell character are placed in positions of power and trust.  He should resign and maybe even be prosecuted.  Ambassador Stevens and the other men murdered deserve justice.  It appears they were sold out by Hillary Clinton, Obama and this buffoons  Morell.

Back to the democrat party.  I have watched them all week try to minimize their concerns for the "Colombian necktie" they placed on themselves.  Remember, not one Republican voted for the monstrosity we and Obama call ObamaCare.  So these democrat lovelies are trying to put a happy face on the mess and call it Willey.  Is is not working.  My hope is the RNC and other people of good will around the country will boot the democrat's asses from office.  America cannot be saved if these people are left in charge of anything.

Here in California we see the length these democrat felons in the State Senate go to to remain in power.  Leland Yee the anti Second Amendment guy is caught gun running.  Ron Calderon from LA is a crook as is his buddy Rod Wright.  Yet try and get them to do the right thing and resign and they don't.  So the Democrat Senate Leader, Steinberg has a vote to suspend them and they still get paid!  Out of all this, Steinberg's main concern was he had lost his "super-majority" for passing bills without a Republican vote. Damn!
Scumbag Hassan

Today as I write this there is another shooting at Ft. Hood in Texas.  Remember the scumbag Major Hassan who murdered 13 service people?  Remember that weapons were not allowed to be carried on base?  I wonder if that changed or was the policy on no weapons still in place?  Imagine our soldiers unarmed and a gun nut loose again.  Don't we ever learn?  Of course we had a judge rule that Hassan did not have to shave his beard for the trial which has now been dragging for five friggin years.  Where is the Justice fo the victims?  Hassan should be dangling from the gallows for all to see.  Kill our people for Allah, you get strung up.  American soldiers deserve to be secure and they need to know justice will be served in a timely manner.

I watched the debates going on this week about extending unemployment insurance.  The democrats are playing the heart strings to the Nth degree and as always the emotional part they use seems to be working.  The Republicans are kind of grasping at straws on this one.  The R's talk talk talk about how it is better to have a job than a weekly UI check.  Of course I agree with that but they can't seem to put a argument together to convince anyone.  They seem to have fallen into the verbal trap of "we" need to create jobs.  Meaning the government.  I say you just need to suspend the highest corporate tax rates on the planet, you need to corral the regulations and you need to get out of the offices of every business in America.  Leave Americans alone! (didn't they tell us taxes were voluntary?) Then we will see the power of the American system.  Did you know that the IRS has eight to twelve audit agents sitting in the Caterpillar office full time?  When did we allow that here in our "free" country?

Lastly, we have the "double down" by the "global warming" shysters and their phony baloney UN IPCC report.  Are these people real?  Why do we spend 80 billion dollars worldwide in grants to sturdy this hoax?  Every year?  Oops, I answered my own question.  Billions of science welfare dollars.  Gosh, if that was cut off maybe the 99% consensus Al Gore bloviates about may go away?  But as long as they believe that weather and climate are different ten there is little hope for truth.

Enough for now.  I am praying every day that the American people will right the ship and get us back on track soon.


  1. The American people will continue to be lied to by our elected Representatives and our hired staff until we make it clear that lying to us is unacceptable. In fact, everything that we don't like but tolerate is our fault. We can start here by throwing Terry Lamphier out of office for lying to the people about the proposed Dorsey Drive shopping center. God that felt good! I am the TRUE FUE! LOL!

    1. I will leave the decision up to the voters on who they want. When I ran people from my opponents camp did their best to beat me and they were liars as well. But I kicked the ass of my opponents and served my county. So, I know how it feels to be pursued for defeat.

  2. I've got it! I am going to organize all of the liberal business groups in the area! We will plaster political signs on our buildings in downtown Nevada City. I will get.....and.....or,maybe.....Ok. Maybe I'll start a worm farm! I will unionize all of our workers. We will have marches and rallies, and I will be able to control the outcome of elections! I better get busy working on my grant, and my health care exemption! LOL!

  3. Hey TRUE FUE, you're not really true are you? Why does Todd let you comment unfettered, while relegating my profound commentary to the dustbin of history?? I don't get it.

    1. My blog my rules. Get your own and you can do whatever you want.

  4. Michael, are you unhappy because you don't like my comments, or because Todd doesn't like yours? LOL!


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