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Sunday, December 1, 2013

David Horowitz, conservative hero

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HERE is the CSPAN video link of Horowitz's presentation of his new compilation of essays on November 8, 2013.  I watched this and listened carefully as David explained why the left/liberals/progressive/communist ideology are destroying the planets people (they murdered 100 million of their own people). His delivery is not polished like the lefty liars but his points and facts are clear and easy to understand. He tells the truth.

HERE is the Wiki on him.  If you Google him there are hundreds of articles and stories and his books about the "left" are many.  I first stared to pay attention to him about ten or twelve years ago.

He was on many of the cable news shows as a conservative voice in the debates going on about our politics in America.  I bought a couple of his books and it was eye opening to read about what this man endured as a communist to a  conservative.  His parents were communists and he was raised as one.  He was active in the anti-war movement that locals like Paul Emery love.  He was a organizer for the original "Black Panthers" and many other radical leftist groups.

His worldview changed almost overnight though.  He had a woman friend hired to do the books of the Black Panthers and those radicals eventually murdered her.  He went into political hiding for seven years and came out an avowed conservative.  Of course he was afraid for his life but over time the Black Panthers were history and their crimes exposed.  From the time of his coming out, Horowitz has been the most important figure in exposing the lies of the left.

This CSPAN presentation was all about those lies.  He was also critical of the lack of backbone among many Republicans in charge of the party and its direction.  I have to agree with most of his views on this.  When politicians get too comfortable with even a small amount of power, they will fight tooth and nail to keep the status quo.  That leaves a huge vacuum of power which gets filled by those lefty opportunists and the Republicans end up playing catchup all the time.

Please watch the whole CSPAN video because he accurately lays out the problems and the solutions to the attacks the left are making on our country, its people and our founding documents. He has gone around the country over the years, especially to college campuses, to get a contra point of view out to the minds full of mush.  Of course the liberal running our education system organize protests and pie throwers to keep him silent but he can't be shut up.  He has debated many lefty nuts on TV and campuses and when he is not shouted down by the activists, he gets out the message we all share as conservatives.  Freedom of the individual, government is to serve us, not the other way around.

The name of his compilation of essays discussed at this presentation at the Philadelphia Ritz Carlton is "The Black Book of the American Left".  I am ordering it today  HERE.

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