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Friday, October 4, 2013

Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Marco Rubio are doing what they campaigned on

We have to have a schizo country in some ways.  We all know the press is schizo but now I am beginning to wonder about the rest of our people (mostly democrats but also some Republicans).  The three men in the headline were duly elected after some vigorous campaigns in their states.  Each one puts his pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us.  They travel to Washington DC to begin their tenure and guess what?

All those people who campaign against Washington DC to get elected in the other states suddenly are pissed off that the three men above (and the 63 in the House) are actually following through on their campaign promises.  It seems to me that the establishment goes like this.  Democrat Party members (all government all the time) then the Republican Oldsters, (some government most of the time).  The Tea Party helped elect [people who have gone to DC to reign it in, espousing that from the beginning of their grass roots campaigns.  The others in the Republican establishment have grown weary of these upstarts dissing DC apparently and have started a clandestine attempt to discredit them.  Now isn't that something?  They all campaign against the DC life (and I mean all) and then suddenly when some don't go along to get along with them, they get trashed.

This is why America is such a great place.  We get to see some upstarts like Cruz get up and chat with us for 21 straight hours and we get to learn more through him on the Senate floor than we get from all the lamestream media combined.  One of my big complaints against the media is they hardly ever report on laws, proposed or passed and therefore deny Americans the information we need.  I do like the alternative media for that very reason though.  We have Internet and FOX who keep track.  Internet feeds are the best.  In the old days the only things that tweaked the media was a Senator or Congressman boinking someone other than his wife.  Day after day.  Then we get Ted Cruz and they yawn and go to sleep.  He is doing his job as far as I can tell.  He did not stand on some pedestal, he stood for 21 hours on the Senate floor telling us about all the crap.

He should get a medal for goodness sakes.  Isn't that what we hear from the "man on the street" interviews all the time?  DC is out of touch, they don't listen, they spend or have spent us into oblivion.  Then a Cruz, Lee or Rubio, and Gohmert and others in the House try to alert us all to the train wreck coming and the "smart" people, media, politicians etal, trash them and try their best to marginalize them.  I think it is backfiring.

I for one sent many tweets to all those I consider stellar Congressmen and women and tell them they are doing good work.  Keep it up.  We must not let the forces of statism, socialism and apathy discourage these men and women. 

California is the best example of why we cannot let the staus quo  continue.  The liberals running our state have driven it into the ground and I am not sure if I will see a recovery to sanity in my lifetime.  I can always hope.  That is why I believe it is in the best interest of America to defund and defeat the implementation of ObamaCare.  It is wrong for America and judging from the graft perpetrated by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to get it passed, it stinks to high heaven.  Thank you men fighting to rid America of this cancer.  At least you are living up to your promises and if you don't succeed you have my respect for trying.


  1. 3 things.
    1. CA has eliminated its deficit and growth is above the national average. Far from run into the ground. Thank you for the courage, Governor Brown. We lead the nation once again.

    2. Rubio, Lee and Cruz may be playing to their voters, but they are too blind with right wing nutzism to realize they are anti-American.

    3. The very good news for those of us enviros is that because of this shutdown, Obama will NEVER approve Keystone, nor will the next certain Dem President and so forth and so on. Congrats right wing- you pissed off Obama enough to ruin your XL dream. Good riddance to that folly.

    1. You are 180 degrees off. All this is what will put us back in the majority. The leftwing nuts and eco freaks are being exposed for the commies they are. All unAmerican and will be treated a s such.


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