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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sue McGuire sent out this link to a Youtube by Sheriff Mack

I may or may not go to the Sheriff's forum on October 18 at the Veterans Building, I will decide later.  But I must say when this man was first coming to town and Sheriff Royal was going to introduce him, the liberals and their blogmeisters were apoplectic.  Subsequently, Sheriff Royal decided to sit in the audience and not intro the man so as not to be controversial I imagine.  Our Sheriff is a good man and enforces the laws fairly here.

But after the firestorm contrived by the left subsided a bit, it was noted that Sheriff Mack was a true "Constitutionalist" even in the enforcement of laws on private property.  That apparently included certain substances our liberal residents have growing bright green in their houses and back yards.

After that disclosure things calmed down and the only person still upset with the Sheriff is a local chubby blogger who thinks the Sheriffs position on Twinkies is all wet.  Anyway, here is the YouTube link and it says a lot about the Sheriff and his love of liberty.

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