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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dick Morris predicts a Romney Tsunami

The former Clinton "brain" has made his latest case for a Romney victory HERE and also calls the US Senate for Republicans.  He may be on to something.  In my opinion the race is very close.  Some say we  may even see a Romney "popular vote" victory but an Obama "electoral college" victory.  If that happens we will see a leftwing switch favoring the maintenance of the "Electoral College", hypocrites as they areon  the left (Dianne Feinstein may change her mind).  That scenario is one played out just a few times in our nation's history.

Morris is a analyst on FOX and has his own website where he discussed all things political.  I never particularly cared for him as a person (toe sucking anyone?) but his political predictions are usually pretty good.   He helped Clinton to a re-election in 1996 as Clinton was under great pressure because his libido was out of control as was his ability to tell the truth.  Along with the R's putting Bob Dole in the race (I was aghast at the time but trooped on) Clinton swept to victory.  Luckily for Morris and Clinton at the time the economy was doing well and America decided to stay the course.  The adage of the economy "trumps all" played out.

Now we have a economy not so good.  Massive debt, 23 million people looking for work, high gasoline prices, a bogus John Roberts make believe vote for a tax keeping Obamacare in play and a lackluster "Commander-in-Chief" may be causing American voters to change the top dogs.  Morris looks at the polls and predicts a wipeout.  I am a bit more cautious, well, a lot more cautious (but hoping Morris is right) that the voters will be wise and put the adults back in charge.  There is a polling synopsis website called "Unskewed polls" that digs into the "weighting" of party by the pollsters.  Romney is up by almost five.  Of course the real deal is the electoral college and as the Founders intended, the states, individually, are the battleground.

Morris has a view that the battleground states are now in the upper Midwest and predicts a election day turnout by R's that will sweep Romney/Ryan over Obama.  If the American people want to change, that will then happen.  If they don't desire a change, we will get four more years of the same lackluster "Chicago style" crap we have seen so far.

In my humble opinion I think Romney will win by  maybe 7 points overall.   I know, I know, I am a R partisan so I am biased but hey, this is my blog and I can write what I want. Well at least until the PC police come and get me.  We are at a crossroads in America in my view.  We can become a country where we "expect" the government to take care of us (with the downside of becoming dependent) or we can be what America has been from the beginning.  A country of people wishing and working for a better life for themselves and the country through individual endeavor protected protected by the Founding Documents.

I hope Dick Morris is right.  America is too valuable to let us all become sheeple.


  1. Morris is a joke, and this proves it. Even Karl Rove's prediction is more moderate for a close election. But Obama may well lose the popular vote. He will win the election with over 279 electoral votes. There is simply no solid evidence that Romney is gaining enough votes to win any of the key swing states he needs.

    You are missing the entire point of the election. Its about working together for the common good of our nation and ALL our people, as the President so vividly displayed yesterday. Not the small corporate monied world of Mitt's existence. Its about putting an end to the insane extremism of the Tea Party and nutty evangelical creatures from outer space like Mike Huckabee and Todd Akin. Its about continuing to forge ahead with an intelligent 21st century approach.

    1. You have now written what we all knew the left was about. Sheeple. I have this bridge....

    2. OK, I wrote that I about working together for the benefit of PEOPLE. ALL people. Its not all about Bain types and business types being in charge. You see your friend Gov.Christie yesterday? How about following his lead! :) Most Americans were happy to see the teamwork. Still don't know how right wing extremists would ever govern when they try to disinfranchise half of the American people...its a very puzzling concept.

  2. Hard to know what's going to happen. Indicators are that President Obama will win ~290 electoral votes. This seems to be the case at a few of the major sources.

    We will see, however, on Tuesday night. (likely it will spill over into Wednesday morning)

  3. Popular Vote
    TOTAL 61,675,412 58,479,114
    PERCENT 50.5% 47.9%

    Obama Romney
    (270 TO WIN) 332 206


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