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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zimmerman/Trayvon, why a jump to conclusions is a mainstream media travesty

I cautioned last week on drawing conclusions before all the facts are in.  But, as usual, the lamestream media as well as the race hustlers like Al Sharpton, Congressional Black Caucus and Jesse Jackson could not wait before spewing their hate.  Now we see and hear everyday more pieces of the killing and it appears to be much different than the allegations made by the press and the race hustlers. 

A few years ago there was a phony story about the Koran being flushed down a toilet at Gitmo.  This was received by Muslim's as a affront to Islam and they rioted across the Muslim world.  People actually died in the riots!  This is the problem I see when a press without  standards sends out the lies.  Sharpton/Jackson are keeping the fire going and making  black Americans angry and wanting revenge.  The race hustlers keep the wounds of slavery and segregation open so they can exploit those feelings and turn it into cash.  The trouble is they appear to do this knowing full well the truth is yet to be told by the authorities.  This is unAmerican.

We have seen the press actually edit a 911 tape for goodness sakes so that Zimmerman looks like a racist.  That was exposed and the press had to backtrack and I hope the fools that did the editing were fired, but they are probably still there.  We now hear that CNN claimed Zimmerman said he was trailing a person and they think they heard him say a racist slur.  It now appears they "mis-heard".  Zimmerman's father was on FOX yesterday and I listened as he was interviewed with his two lawyers.  His face was covered because he said he and his wife are receiving death threats!  Spike Lee used Twitter to gin up a riot at Zimmerman's house!  The New Black Panthers have issued a bounty on Zimmerman.  Our daunted Attorney General Eric Holder probably donated to the bounty since he has done nothing about this travesty.

Mr. Zimmerman then retold the story and being George Zimmerman's father, he will be pooh-poohed by the press for that.  But we must wait.  A "rush to judgement" is too dangerous when blood runs hot.  America is a basically fair nation.  People are different about race now because that is what Americans and America are all about.  Sure there are people that don't like others for whatever reason but for the most part, Americans of all backgrounds just want to be Americans.  Americans governed by laws, not men.  Oh and finally, the race hustlers are the ones who claim to be "progressives" and they are democrats.  I have yet to see any race crap from a Republican or a conservative.  Why do you think that is?


  1. Todd, since you've recieved no comments, I'll add one, now that Zimmerman--who probably never heard of Stand Your Ground as a defence--has been charged with 2nd degree murder, as I'm sure you've heard. I won't fill this comment with vitriol and hate speech or call you a simpleton. Instead, I invite you to meet me to debate world issues here, since I don't need to brag about my academic credentials. Unfortunatly, poor health dictates the meeting be here. Just remember hate speech is no substitute for sound argumentation.

  2. Since you are new to the place I'll just tell you in my simpleton way that I don't care if there are comments. I do the blog as a place to express my views. I get lots of pageviews so if one wants to judge a blog by views I am doing just fine. Other blogs get the same four or five people constantly posting such as Pelline's and believe me, it has become a truly boring read.

    Regarding Trayvon Martin. I am aware Zimmerman was arrested and I saw the video of him entering the police building. I also watched the prosecutor explain the arrest. I am aware the attorney for Zimmerman said he will plead not guilty. Now on to the trial where 12 Americans will decide. So, patience is a virtue in the legal system and perhaps we will see the truth.

    My academic credentials are a high school diploma and the real life I have led till today at 61. If you are a college grad, that is just great. I have met a few people who went to college and could actually tie their shoes without help. I am happy to debate any issue.


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