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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Andy Stern, ex boss of the SEIU and his glowing embrace of Red China and Eugene Robison, Columnist for the Washington Post

Well well well, did we on the right not tell everyone that this Andy Stern character was a commie?  He took a small group of janitors and bellmen in New York City and turned them into a international union conglomerate.  Then he absorbed many other smaller public sector unions and today, the SEIU is a force to be reckoned with.  It is anti-capitalist, big government and loves central planning.

HERE is Stern's Op-Ed printed in the Wall Street Journal.  The title is "China's Superior Economic Model". When you read it, hold on to your wallet, this guy wants your money and tour freedom and he wants the government to be in charge of all aspects of the economy and your life. He loves those Chinese policies. I find it ironic that Stern's efforts to unionize America are the primary reason there has been huge job flight to the communist Chinese where any dissent is met with jail or death.  He must live in an alternate universe.

Now, I am probably not the only one confused by a screed praising a country, run by communists who use slave and or convict labor, underage workers and relocated peasants and  pay them about two bucks a day, well at least the peasants.  All the while complaining America's poverty level is so terrible at about $30,000 per year, Stern seems to think the one paying a hundredth of that is a superior system.  How can this be if Stern is serious about the economics?  In my opinion his view has nothing to do with the economy, it has to do with his belief in the communist system as long as he is in charge of course.

In my history books, I have yet to find where the policies of our country, the free enterprise country, allowed 50 million people to die by starvation in order to keep the rest of the people in servitude.  How people like Stern can consciously overlook Stalin's and Mao's murderous bent and the evaporation of another 50 million or so peasants is simply unbelievable.  I wonder how many students murdered at Tienanmen Square could have perhaps had a chance to cure cancer?  No, Stern says this about he personal experience in China lately,

"As this was happening, I was part of a U.S.-China dialogue—a trip organized by the China-United States Exchange Foundation and the Center for American Progress—with high-ranking Chinese government officials, both past and present."

Now why would our country send him there? Could his personal friendship with Obama be at work here?  He is also the person who gets the most visits overnight at the White House. What can we learn from a communist led country regarding "workers" rights?  I would like to know if this trip was also taken by our local lefty Steve Frisch.  Did they learn how to flog the help if the help disagrees with the communist manager?

Then we have the other "smarter than the average bear" Eugene Robinson.  He is a columnist for the Washington Post and a huge liberal.  He is touring China and sending articles back and he seems to be loving that Commie country.  HERE is his first screed of love for the murderous Chinese government. He complains the Republicans running for President are just dumb when it comes to China and he, Robinson, is not.

Robinson said this about the Chines and I almost lost my breakfast when I read it.

"Yes, China is governed — in an authoritarian, repressive, at times shockingly brutal manner — by a regime that calls itself communist."

Even with the above admittance, Robinson has written a glowing wonder-story (fantasy in my view)  about how great this smog filled, overcrowded, anti environmental regime really is.  When you read it you will see why we on the right have known the liberals love the communists and  hate republicans!  It is truly amazing a "so-called" American can actually think and write these things.

I would suggest everyone read both articles and then you will understand why their is such a "great divide" here in America.  We on the right love America and want other countries to emulate us.  Liberals love communism/socialism and wnt us to emulate Albania of old.  Never the two to meet.


  1. We better damn well embrace China. The old Comms who run things will die away and capitalism will continue its inevitable march toward more freedom and governance reforms. They will be the dominant world force in my lifetime, whether we like it or not. We have no choice BUT to embrace this behemoth.

  2. PeterK, I thought you were a OWS anti-capitalist. You have a problem with your allegiances eh?

  3. We recall that Andy Stern was a VERY and most frequent visitor to Obama's White House. They are indeed birds of a feather. The big point in Andy's WSJ piece is that his belief that the free markets are dead meat, and that the Chinese autocratic form of governance where state planning dictates is the future we should be looking at, and that he (and Obama?) have been working toward. "Fundamental transformation" indeed.

  4. Eugene's piece is another real eye opener. When the Chinese stand them up against the wall because they are the intelligentsia, they will be crying, "but wait", we wrote great stories of you!

  5. The Germans have it correct. Cue the circus music:,1518,800850,00.html

  6. The picture includes Obama, the ultimate liar.

  7. Here is the picture. It is so accurate!

  8. Todd, whats YOUR guess on the day Ole Herman drops out? Everyone in the blogosphere is guessing. Then we'll see how long the flavor of Newt lasts. With all the material we have on that guy, it is truly a gift from heaven to see Big Head, Big Money, Ultimate Politician/Ultimate Insider Newt at the head of the pack. Delicious.

  9. Obama will quit and Hillary will get the nomination. What a hoot!

  10. I understand exactly why all you Libs can't wait to get rid of Herman and confirm Newt. Surely you realize that the people running all these campaigns understand all this too. Or are you even more clueless than even I thought.

    You're worst nightmare: Herman's bulldog lawyer gets tangible evidence on which one of your activist umbrella groups is responsible for convincing these women to go public and the focus switches to whoever funds them. Just in case you aren't capable of projecting that scenario, that would ensure you would probably be stuck with Herman till the convention.

    Sleep Tight!


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