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Friday, November 4, 2011

The recent past, sex, lies and videotapes, Clinton style

I could not resist putting this here.  There are some liberals who think Herman Cain is toast because they believe the allegations from unnamed sources regarding a settlement by the National Restaurant Association and alleged sexual harassment claims.  Here is the first black president caught with his zipper down responding to allegations uncovered in a trial.  He called Ken Starr a pervert for exposing the trysts he had in the Oval Office with that little lady, Monica Lewinsky.  Of course the press was with him unlike now as they relentlessly  attack Cain.  But hey, we know the left are really a bunch of apologists for their pals and hypocrites when it comes to others. The wagging finger and the talking down to us n national TV will be part of our culture for a long time.  But the hubris of this guy the press now bows to is almost unbelievable.  It show the slime running our national leftwing news sources doesn't it?

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