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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Potato overreach by USDA blocked by US Senate

I am constantly shaking my head in disbelief at the level of interference the government "do-gooders" come up with.  School lunches have been the target for many years by these people as we have seen the banning of soda pop, and other fast foods from campii all across the country.  You want federal money?  Then you get the federal mandates about every little thing.  What the heck?  This is just another reason to ban the federal government from having a say in anything going on in our local school systems across America.

HERE is the article and when you read it perhaps you will understand why we conservatives are all fired up about the "nanny state" brought to our lives by the busy bodies of concerned "experts". The potato is a metaphor for so many things going wrong in our culture and I appreciate the exposure something like this is getting because it certainly helps the cause of ours for a smaller, less intrusive government.  Of course this is federal and we still have the other busy=bodies at the state level and many even at the local level.  Americans are getting fed up, the pun is intended.

The most telling quote from the busy bodies is this statement from the article,

"USDA's proposal was about helping kids to eat a very wide variety of vegetables and I think that point has been lost in all this," said Margo Wootan, director of nutrition policy at the advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest, which pushed for the standards. "Other vegetables have a hard time competing with potatoes."

This is what I and many others object too.  These people think because the potato is so popular they must dictate its place in the diet, sort of like a Pavlov's dog control measure.  Hey, government and non-profit busy bodies, the kids like potatoes and they like them in many forms, butt out!  If there are fat kids, then the parents should deal with that, not the government.  We are in no need of new laws and regulations to tell us we only need two servings of the tuber a week.

So once again, some common sense was shown in a bi=partisan way at the highest level of the US government and it was about a potato.  My God, what have we done to ourselves?


  1. Nothing wrong with some common sense legislation and some common sense incentivization. Do we, or do we not, have a massive obesity problem-and future epidemics of diabetes-an absolute time bomb for healthcare costs in this nation- long-term and acute care costs for boomers like Todd. French fries should never encouraged be on a school menu.

  2. Parents are the people to decide these things not the government. No nanny state needed. Kids are too fat, the parents need to deal with it. We are all going to croak but liberals want society to pay for it.

  3. No Todd, the parents don't "deal with it", all the rest of us do who pay for healthcare. No, nutritionists are here to improve health of the population. Nutrition programs are some of the most useful and cost effective tools we can employ. Parents do a LOUSY job in many cases, for many reasons. YES, with our healthcare costs about to bankrupt the nation, we must get a handle on things like nutrition before its too late.

  4. No Hank, no nanny state and my position is sweeping the nation.


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