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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama, no solutions, just a blamer in chief

Tonight we all ge t watch and listen to the TelePrompter in chief once again bloviate about jobs.  I for one am tired of the President's yakking, I would like to see some action.  Some say he leads from behind, you know, a day late and a dollar short.  I say he is simply ignorant because he has no experience in what a real private sector, non subsidized job really is.  HERE is a AP-Obama story just released which contains the SOP of the Obama Administration as released by his personal stenographer, the AP.

In the story he and his Chief of the Staff, Daley, (thugee in charge) blame the Republicans, blame the Bush Administration and complain about Congress.  He wants us to believe 300 billion dollars of handouts (debt dollars) to his union pals at the state and local level will do the trick.  A trillion in stimulus, a trillion in TARP and of course 1.65 trillion in deficit spending just this year have failed to put a dent in the unemployment levels or the job creation we all would like to see.  He just doesn't get it.

The business sector of America, the private sector, is what drive the car of the economy.  It is over=regulated, over taxed and under appreciates by Obama and his ilk.  Instead of removing the self imposed impediments he and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have placed on the economy, he acts as if they don't even exist.  No mention of the country's fear of his Obamacare mandate.  That alone has caused trillions of ready dollars to be put on the sidelines.  Who wants to hire someone and automatically become responsible for a gazillion bucks in health care?  Every American individually and collectively are faced with government forcing the health care mandate down our throats.  You will all be criminals when you can't pay this unconstitutional mandate.

Besides the lack f leadership shown by Obama and his pals, we have an out of control Executive branch regarding regulations.  Boeing forced to fight for the basic American right to move within the borders of America (looks like the KGB stopping them), Gibson Guitars being attacked by Federal armed agents over a piece of wood, (Assad's tactics), organic milk producers attacked by agents (Qaddafi would love that) and many other instances of a overreaching federal police state.  Of course we have these tactics all the way down to the state (Consumer Affairs police) and local (zoning laws and environmental health rules).  Is it any wonder America's job creators are fed up and sitting this out?

For instance, when you hire someone, usually even just one employee, you must file paperwork that would make a Redwood tree nervous.  Somehow that employee is under the wing of protection by the Federal government (EEOC etal) and State laws, (workers comp, SDI etal) and the employer must post the paperwork on the walls of the workplace.  It has become such a burden, all the rules, insurance requirements, deadlines with penalties,  OSHA and Cal-OSHA rules and all the rest that the employer has simply become the middleman between the employee and the government.  The employer just collects the money (as the accountant on withholding and SS and Medicare) and God help them if the employee is crappy and has to be fired. 

Yes, we have reached a point where our country is at a standstill.  It is not because people are less creative and desire to do better.  It is at a standstill because the thought of all the impediments thrown in the way of creativity and entrepreneurship are so controlled the people won't and don't want to risk their time and capital to be a unwilling partner to the overbearing masters of government.  When the rewards of a possible success are removed by rules and regulations, when it is more important (and required under threat of force and jail) to fill out and submit reams of paperwork to comply with mandates, the fire in the belly of the once dependable American innovator is extinguished.

Obama just doesn't get it.  I would look to him to place a moratorium on rules and regulations and enforcement actions for say, one year.  Then he should tell Harry Reid to get off his ass and pass the Ryan budget.  You see, the Republicans he is blaming and we know he will blame them in his teleprompter speech tonight, have already passed many measures and sent them over to the black hole called the democrat controlled Senate.  The R's did their job but because thae lamestream media has not done the drumbeat to embarrass them (which they would do if it were R's), Reid gets away with his obstruction tactics. 

So tonight we get to hear the blame game par excellence once again.  I have not decided whether I want to listen though.  I may just wait to watch the one or two clips on the news showing the teleprompter in chief's head bobbing back and forth, saying nothing.


  1. It will interesting to see what "O" has to say about his big union buddy tonight, after what went down up in Washington today. Union goons take hostages and no one goes to jail. A restraining order was in place at the time,, and no one goes to jail. property damage and destroyed cargo... No one goes to jail.
    Oh yes,,, it seems union thuggery is above the law.
    We have had to deal with the Obummer Summer, now a yawn fest tonight, with criminals licking "O"'s shoes.

  2. I just saw the union thuggert in Longview too. They sure take care of themselves on the left. Now you can fell free to kidnap people, cut fuel lines, dmp grain and block trains. Plus threaten police with baseball bats and nothing happens! Obama's Chicago thug world on display.

    Here is thelink to the story Walt mentioned.

  3. I heard no blame. I did hear a lot of the same formally bipartisan-supported plans for economic improvement. Great speech so far, and solid, if not quite bold enough plans outlined. Clearly should be even more infrastructure spending, but its better than was predicted by the experts.

    Boehner is a cowardly sourpuss. Screw the Tea Party lunatics and do the right thing.

  4. Rob, you are totally wrong as usual. Obama had a couple of points I could agree with but most of it was class warfare crapola and tax tax tax. Seeing your buddy Immenlt in the loges who paid no corporate tax on 5.4 billion makes you and the left a laughingstock set of hypocrites. Raising taxes in a recession? Wow, now that is true stupidity. And it is all leftwing dogma. Sorry but your ilk in charge is simply rearranging the deck chairs while the ship sinks.


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