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Monday, July 25, 2011

Wu, a democrat Congressman with tiger's blood, what a hoot!

This is the latest example of the best the democrats can come up with for leadership.  Next thing we'll see is Harry Reid as Kung Fu Panda,  Obama as a failed Harry Potter and Nancy Pelosi as the Wicked Witch of the West from the land of Oz. Careful with your teen girls around Wu, he can't seem to control himself.


  1. Ahh yes,,, another Liberal perv that refuses to step down. He claims he won't run for re-election. ( ya,,, right) But I will give ol' Nan a little credit.( I emphasis little)She is calling for an ethics hearing. A lot of good that will do.But it makes for good press.
    If the girl was under age,,, just why isn't this perv behind bars yet?

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  3. I suppose that instead of running for re-election, he'll try to sell his office to the highest bidder a la Blagojevich.

    --John Galt

  4. He should be forced to wear that tiger suit on the Senate floor every day until he leaves.

  5. Actually he is a Congressman but I get your humor. He probably has Steve Frisch's support though so he may change his mind since he actually is a good example of a liberal. A liberal perv. LOL.

  6. My mistake. I lost my list of who is who.
    Besides, I'm busy moving,fixing crap,taking care of elder family,( like it should be, no blue hair warehouse for ma,)All that, and still look for work.

    If this guy was a Repub, or GOD forbid a Tea Party guy, The Left would go blind wanting his head on a platter.

  7. Hold on there Toddy boy. you have a case of the Pot(GOP) calling the Kettle(Dems) Black. This kind of nonsense happens on both sides and shouldn't be tolerated.

  8. I agree with that anonymous boy/girl. Wu is going to resign but Pelosi has asked him stay long enough tho vote for a increase in the debt. Our guys get booted ASAP. Big difference.

    Please use your real name next time or I have to boot you.

  9. Does the name Joe Walsh ring a bell? No, not that Joe Walsh. Watta guy.

    LOL..just a typical Deadbeat Tea Person!


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