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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Koch Brothers are tame compared to AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka etal

What is all the angst on the left about the Koch Brothers?  The  Koch's are conservative men who help fund conservative causes out of their own pockets.  The left can't stand them because they help spread conservative ideas to help offset the "liberal" ideology. The left even created a new "Koch " commercial emulating the old "coke"  commercial.  It is actually funny that the left is so afraid of the Koch brothers they would spend money to make it.  The commercial uses a bunch of bad language and ad hominem, but that is usually how the lamebrains on the left talk anyway.

Trumka is only two letters and a "P"  off from the Donald but they are certainly worlds apart in philosophy.  Trump is a free market capitalist and Trumka is a big government socialist.  HERE is a radio hosts from January playing some audio's Trumka made expressing his "progressive" ideas.  It is really telling and everyone of good will will see his strategy of evil.  HERE is another example of the evil the union reps are fighting.  Of course their evil is capitalism.  The second video starts out with the leftwing opening "good evening brothers and sisters".  I think they listened  to many Lenin speeches.

I watched a little of Trumka this week when he spoke at the National Press Club.  I can only take a little of these lefty's because they all sound the same and have the same squeal.  Down with capitalism, down with free enterprise, evil corporations, ad nausea.  Trumka doesn't disappoint.  According to him the world's ills can be solved if we just let him and his "progressive" cohorts run everything.  Trumka issued a warning at the Press Club to his fellow brethren, members of the democrat party.  Toe the union line or we don' send you money.  Since the unions money is the life blood of their lackey democrat politicians this is not an empty threat.  Or is it?  I think it might be just bluster.  If he and his union pals withhold  the money, more republicans would be elected and God knows the Republicans are evil.

So when it comes to intimidation of people, it appears to me these union hacks own the process.  They beat people up, bite off extended fingers (not the middle one's) of folks on our side wanting to shake hands and they trash conservatives with their lies on a constant basis.  Trumka is full of himself.  His minions have about 7% of the job force in America and most of that is government employees.  That has to end.  Governor Walker in Wisconsin and some others in the Midwest have begun to defang these onions and rightly so.  Even FDR warned against these employee unions back in the 30's.  How can the people have a government run by people who can strike?  The Trumka's are headed to the place the dodo birds are.  They overreached and when one listens to his plans for our country and its government, you should be afraid.

Lastly, the Koch brothers, like anyone else are not perfect.  The difference between them and the Trumka's of the country is simple.  The Koch's want freedom, the Trumka's want subjugation.  HERE is just one more little video example of the union philosophy as discussed by Andy Stern of the SEIU, a frequent visitor to the Obama White House and a huge contributor to democrats.  Enjoy.


  1. This should be fun to watch. Since big union only backs the rabid Left, who will they give those big bucks to now? Not to a Conservative,, that's for sure. So who is the biggest Commie
    running for office this time around?

    Between Herman Cain and Michel Bauchman, the Progressives and old school GOP is in hot water.
    I see a lot of money that once went to the GOP, now going to the Tea Party. Times are a'changen'...

  2. Don't try to excuse the truth. It kills me how you people try to cover for your own. You people are so ignorant. Its like you a part of a street gang. So are you trying to tell me that the Koch brothers are not being deceptive in their practices? about get rid of both parties and robots like you? Start a new party for the people for real. Get rid of the FED. They are the ones causing the real problems. RESEARCH THAT! How about why our government doesn't print its own money? Every dollar in circulation is a loan. It's debt. Do the people some real help and open your damn eyes.

  3. I guess your rant will stay since it is a good example of someone who has no clue to reality. From Koch brothers to the FED to a third party to simply a whining complaint. You cover a lot of territory. I will have to delete in the future but since you are what I call a sideline complainer I will simply point out your fallacies and maybe our agreements.

    Koch brothers are rich ans support capitalism and the people who also fight for it. It is something I agree with. The money is theirs, honestly earned and they can spend it any way they want to. Free country, free speech, try it.

    The left uses the most deceptive ads I have ever seen. Remember Bush and the democrat Missouri ad comparing him to the murderer of Mr. Bird, the man dragged to death by two scumbags?

    You don't like the two party system? Start your own. Get out of the lounge chair, put down the bon bons and do something. That is what makes the country great. You personally can start your own political party. Try it.

    We agree on the FED. Wow!
    So, simply, stop complaining and do something.


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