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Monday, March 14, 2011

TIME Magazine. Here is Another Reason Why I Canceled it Long Ago

The loony left has been in control of Time Magazine for a long time.  I was a subscriber for many years and I was a satisfied customer up until about 1995.  I finally had to cancel my subscription because the news magazine had become a leftwing propaganda rag and demeaned conservatives and republicans.

HERE is the latest piece of leftwing propaganda that I think any right minded person would agree is a pile of crap. This is the headline which any reasonable person would view as a total liberal piece of propaganda.

Wisconsin's Governor Wins, but Is He Now Dead Man Walker?

When I read the article I just shook my head in disbelief.  My first thought was how could the events of the last few weeks be so twisted by the "reporter"?  Portraying the "protesters" as just plain old people there just helping the union when we knew they were all union protesters.  Many bussed in by the Big Union Bosses from other states.  How could the "reporter" say there was no damage when we all saw the pictures and videos of the destruction of parts of the inside of the capitol building and the piles of garbage.  Or the urine soaked sleeping bags and feces left in the hallways?  Then to portray the Republicans as the violent ones, I almost fell off my Lazy-Boy!  The "reporter" has to be a union goon.  There can be no other explanation!
Anyway, this article has reinvigorated my disgust for TIME and the other national "news" magazines.  Remember Newsweek just sold for ONE DOLLAR!  Time is next.  I know so many people that have decided that if they want to read commie propaganda they will read Lenin's Memoirs.  Please read the comments section under the story as well.  Many people are outraged.  Now we all can see why the once thick magazine is getting so thin you can't get enough paper to wipe with it.  It is trash.

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