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Monday, January 24, 2011

Suicide Bombers Kill More Innocents at Moscow Airport

Here we go again.  The Islamo-Fascists just can't seem to use the God given speech capability and have once again resorted to brainwashing people into blowing themselves to smithereens along with innocent men women and children.  The usual suspects will issue a press release to confirm and take credit for the dastardly act. The story is HERE and HERE.

Putin can't seem to stop this stuff and because I am a suspicious person about so-called reformed KGB and communist leaders, I can't help but think, way back in the deep recesses of my mind, that maybe this is a strategy to get rid of democratic reforms and return to a dictatorship.  Oh, well, no one could be that evil, could they?

I have watched with utter amazement since I first started paying attention, to the worlds empires and country's splitting into smaller and smaller segments.  People are proving everyday, and using violence to achieve it, they want to be around people just like themselves and in a country of people just like themselves.  I am old enough to have seen the countries of Africa regain their autonomy after many years of colonial hegemony, mostly by European countries.  I have seen the results too of the civil wars in many of those countries.  Then in the late 1980's we all got to watch the demise of the USSR.  We watched the wall come down in Berlin and in a move which was contrary to most other places on the planet, the German's unified with with each other.

The USSR fragmented into I think 17 countries.  The Russians have been maintaining the smaller provinces in the Caucus by using military power. Most of these provinces are Islamic and Russia has had its hands full to keep them in the fold.  Maybe Russia needs to allow these countries to break away and form their own country's and governments.  But, Russia wants to maintain ownership of the natural resources and pipelines of these provinces because there is a lot of money at stake.  The price though is these suicide bombers, shouting God is great, killing  a lot of innocent Russians every year.

The UN used to have a hundred or so countries and over time that has grown to almost two hundred.  The proof that birds of a feather stick together is right in front of our faces every day in the UN and the areas of the world that want to form their own countries (East Timor for instance).  The USA has been fairly immune from these nationalistic problems even though we have people from every country on the planet living here.  We attract people because we have and we offer, freedom for them as individuals.  This apparently trumps divisiveness among peoples and has kept our country from what some call the "Balkanization" of America.  We must resist any attempt to balkanize.  We must teach and stress our common goals as Americans because if we allow these "balkanites" any foothold here, America will be the next version of Russia and we sure don't want that.

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