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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Obama's Rules, Bangaladesh Over Alabama

I was looking around the news programs wile multi-tasking football on the big screen, a bowl of Captain Crunch and a phone call.  Whew!  Anyway, here is a interesting story about tariffs and how, when they are unfair, American workers will suffer and lose their jobs.

Sleeping bags!  Who would have thought that 70 workers in Alabama, in a business that came from Mexico, would be wiped out by an Asian nation, a third world nation at that?  Well here is the story.

This kind of story goes to the heart of the complex issue of economics and trade polices.  To me, after all these years of watching our country's jobs be undercut by foreign governments propping up their own businesses while erecting huge roadblocks to American goods, is it any wonder there is resentment?  Obama needs to level the playing field with these nations that unfairly restrict our goods by rules and regulations.  He needs to tell them you must open your stores to us as we have you or no more free rides.  A free market goes both ways.

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