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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Global Warming Hoaxers Outed!

I woke up in the early hours last night and I just couldn't get back to sleep.  So, I turned on the TV and lo and behold, CSPAN was televising a Congressional hearing on "Global Warming"! Having known it was a hoax since the leftwing created it (right after global cooling became a non-starter), I was fascinated to see the absolute 180 degree difference in views of scientists.  The democrat chairman, I guess this was a last gasp for him, invited one "skeptic" for every four "believers" and if it were not for Congressman Dan Rorhbacher from Socal, no one would know there is opposition to the hoax.

I listened as these experts on the various components of the climate yapped their way through the hearing.  It was clear to me the hoaxers from the grant seeking branch of science are just scare mongers.  They used every scare tactic available to them.  The seas are rising, the glaciers are all melting, the polar bears are shedding their coats, the CO2 levels are increasing exponentially, the coral reefs are bleaching and dying, the seas are go acidic and killing the little bottom of the food chain animals (by dissolving their shells) and many other scare tactics.  Wow!  If I were them I guess I should just shoot myself and be done with it.

Well, there were two panelists who were "skeptics", and they certainly were not very welcome.  If you are not a slave to the orthodoxy of their "consensus" on AGW, you don't have a seat at the table.  A Michael's fellow was on the first panel and he of course was outnumbered four to one.  He gave rational and contra scientific views from his analysis of different regimes and boy was he attacked!  Another panelist (a expert at?) attacks Michael's relentlessly and even called him a liar!  After a while it became clear it was personal because Michael's had a critical review of the other fellows conclusions back in 1996. 

Anyway, Dana Rorhbacher was great.  He asked questions which caused the hoaxer's to babble on with their scientific double talk.  It was clear to me these "scientists" were trying to gin up terror so they could maintain their funding.  The "skeptics, all two of them on two separate panels, tried to interject a bit of reason into the discussion but the hoaxers would almost shout them down.  The seas rising?  Proof?  Nope.  The spewing of a gazillion tons of particulates from volcanoes?  No big deal.  The cosmic rays which hit our planet?  Naw, no biggy.  How about water vapor?  Are you crazy?  No, MAN and his driving an SUV were the reason we have AGW according to the rent seekers.  I was mesmerized.

How could these brilliant people think a little old Ford Expedition could be doing such terrible thing to the planet?  How is it the sun, volcanoes and water vapor don't have anything to do with anything?  The glaciers are melting they say because people want to use a 100 watt incandescent lightbulb, not because, God forbid, because of any natural reason.  It was good theater though.  I got to see, up close and personal why the hoaxers are on the run.  They are totally nuts!

Send a letter of thanks to Congressman Rorhbacher, at least we had a champion watching out for our interests.

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  1. Yep, the show continues. Fortunately, those advocating the end is coming are being stomped on by the truth.....which eventually comes out.


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