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Friday, December 3, 2010

Crawford and Josie Bost v County

I first met Crawford Bost when we were both running for County Supervisor in 1984.  He was running for District Five and I was in One.  We were both unknowns and there was a lot of competition in both our  primaries.  We both emerged as winners that November and went  on to share many decisions.  He lasted four years and I lasted eight.

He and Josie live on property just outside Nevada City.  They are trying to do a split and have run into the no growth elements of their area. The appeal request, item #20, is HERE.  The Bost's have been great stewards of their land and have watched as properties around theirs have been parcelized over the years.  Many of their neighbors live on parcels much smaller than the underlying zoning.  Those neighbors are the complainers.  They have theirs and to hell with everyone else.  A lot of the problem is something I have experienced myself.  People, lefty's mainly, who have grudges from the Supervisor years and they just can't move on.  Doing these appeals is a "sport" to them and it allows them to jab and screw people for no other reason.  That is a downside none of us knew about when we ran and were elected.  I used to get upset but now I just pray for the them.  Hopefully Crawford and Josie, native to the area, will be granted the same rights as their neighbors and the BOS will vote yes.


  1. I attended the hearing last month. Crawford has some really good points why this split should be approved. Another property was approved based on similar circumstances in the same community not too long ago. It will be interesting to see what the BOS do.

  2. The naysayers use "fire" as their way to try and defeat any split. In town the same nuts use "traffic". They always have "legal" ways to stop anything. No wonder our little county has no jobs but we have a lot of imported nuts.


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