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Monday, November 1, 2010

Tuesday, Just Do It!

Election day is tomorrow and I hope we have a great turnout in Nevada County, California and the country.  Turnout is very important in a election.  Over my lifetime I have seen turnout at very high levels down to low ones today. Many people exercise their right to NOT vote, but I have little respect for that.  It amused me no end when people would talk to me about some problem they were having with government and the first thing they would tell me was how they wouldn't vote for me again if they didn't get their way.  Many times those people never voted when they said they did, if ever.

Election turnout in heavy numbers by Republicans would give California a republican majority but many stay away and allow the democrats to win.  My view after reading the numbers of voters is if republicans turned out at a fifteen percent higher clip we would own the state government. In California there is a 13% advantage for democrats in total registration (but they have a lower turnout percentage) so it is always a problem.  Then added to that is the gerrymander of 2001/2002 which locked in a democrat majority for a minimum of ten years. In 1994 California actually sent one more republican Congressman to DC than democrats.  Now it is 33 to 17 or so.  Gerrymander works.

So if the democrats stay home and the republicans decide to get out there and pull the lever in great numbers, California will be saved.

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