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Friday, November 12, 2010

Liberal Chaos Achieved?

Deficits, debt and out of control government are engulfing the country.  How did this happen? We did it to ourselves and now we right minded people are trying to get the country back to sanity.

I have  watched over my lifetime the expansion of government into almost every aspect of our lives.  It is the proverbial frog in the pan technique and now it has reached critical mass and the frog is just about cooked. Americans have been busy living their lives, raising the kids, going to their  jobs and soccer games and sometimes dinner at the kitchen table.  We elected people we thought were looking out for us, protecting us, doing the right thing for us.  Well, they were enslaving us and we finally have started paying attention.

I first became aware of the tyranny of the do-gooders back in 1978.  There was a group of people in Nevada County that wanted to shut down growth.  Growth in the form of building houses.  They wanted to limit permits to 100 per year.  These people were mainly new arrivals and eco nuts.  They succeeded in getting Measure A and B on the ballot to get their way.  That was when I became political.  These people were going to take away my livelihood and I, along with a lot more people decided we had to defeat them.  We did, we beat them 2 to1 and Statewide, Prop 13 passed, so there was alot to be happy about.  What I didn't understand then though was these people don't ever give up in their quest to get their way.

They decided they would achieve their goals through other means.  In Nevada County they used the fairly new General Plan process.  How could anyone be against good planning, (whatever that is)? The whole state was required to implement these General Plans, cities too.  After all was said and done, private property became the victim.  The state,  at all levels of government, became the arbiter and final say in what you can do with your own property. This was the beginning of the end of our rights as protected by the Constitution.

This, "we the government know what is best for you" has permeated all aspects of society and has made political correctness the norm. The legislatures have empowered the bureaucracy to make and enforce regulations for everything.  If we are to take back our country, we must re-assert our responsibility to be the entity that makes the rules.  The best latest example of this out of control power is the EPA.  Since the legislature did not pass "cap and trade", the EPA by fiat has decided to enforce it anyway.  These people need o be fired, we need to cleanse the bureaucracy of those people that think we are their slaves.  We need to take back our government and we need to show them who is really the boss.  We need to defund them,

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