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Friday, November 5, 2010

Elections 2010, Pause and Reflect

After a few days of reviewing the results I must say this was a very historic year.  California and New York being the two largest states stuck in the past and run by liberals, nonetheless, America smells cleaner.  Ann Coulter who is a very good judge of liberals has a great article here regarding the outcomes across the country.

I really appreciated FOX News coverage of the races, even with the graphics passing a bit too fast for my 60 year old eyes.  They were truly fair and balanced and I would say they probably won the ratings war that night.  The fact that we republicans picked up so many seats, the most since 1948, is a testament to how smart the American people really are.  The democrats treated us like we are little kids and we must just let them run everything because they're just so much more brilliant.  Well, no, the people spoke to that power and showed those elitists who is really in charge.  The people! Thank you to the Tea Party!

The other major victories are the governorships and the legislatures that turned over (the most since 1928).  Republicans can now fix gerrymandering put in place by the left.  In other states that now have a republican governor, that governor can veto any attempts at democrat chicanery  in the redistricting.  What a great election for America and many states.

Of course the biggest disappointment is our own state.  Democrats hold a 13% edge in registration and it is said that about half of all the citizens are receiving a government check of some sort.  The results were predictable, democrats won all the statewide offices and as of this moment I think they are swiping the AG race too.  At least our county and our Assemblyman, Congressman, State Senator and the county Treasurer are republican.  If anyone wants to see how California is divided, go here and see the maps of voting by the Secretary of State Election division. We are truly two states in one.  The coastal counties are the most populous and the most democratic.  Most of the counties on this side of the Coastal Range are conservative and less populous. 

Darrell Steinberg, democrat State Senator from Sacramento has put out a call for a Special Session to the Legislature in Sacramento.  Now that Prop 25 passed, he just can't wait to shove more spending and taxes down our throats.  To me, that is the irony of the democrats voting for their ticket and Prop 25.  I think they will be overreaching and the people may wiseup and boot them real soon. 


  1. Todd,
    Darrell Steinberg might want top check out Prop 26, which requires a 2/3s majority on new fees. It is not going to be as easy as the Democrats think it is, once reality sets in.

  2. Todd, that was a good overview of the election results. It has become common knowledge that the bulk of real estate in California is conservative, but the population numbers from the bay area and LA/San Diego vote against the path of conservatives that are spread out across California.

    Why is that? Why is it that rural California usually goes with a conservative flow vs. the metropolitan areas that leans liberal?

    Part of the reason is the concentration of government programs. The sheer numbers alone virtually guarantee a vote for liberal policies coming out of LA, San Francisco, San Diego and even Sacramento.

    Space limitations here and elsewhere have prompted me to I launch a new web site to examine the issues of entitlements and it will focus on several aspects of welfare, entitlements and the reasons for what we are seeing across America.

    I have posted the table of contents to give an idea for thought and conversation, and it can be viewed at

    I expect completion over the next two years.


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