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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

Last night I watched the greater part of a debate regarding the above topic on Bloomberg TV.  It was really quite fascinating and I recommend everyone watch and listen to it here. I am glad we still have a country which allows the free exchange of ideas without a meat clever hanging over our heads.

The participants are all very intelligent and well spoken, except perhaps Zeba.  I thought her delivery was wanting and her formation of ideas was not up to speed. The rest made their points and the one lady, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali born woman who lives under death threats from Islamic Clerics and extremists for speaking out about women under Islam, was especially convincing.  I have heard her interviewed before and she is a totally impressive and brave woman whom I really admire.

You need to go to the end of the debate to see the results of the audience votes.  It was quite surprising.

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