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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Global Warming and AB32 are a Hoaxer's Dream

Here is the latest story on hurricane activity this year.  As we have said all along, climate and weather forecasters can't even tell us what either of those will be next week, let alone next year or after.  AB32 is in need of repeal because it was passed for all the wrong reasons if you are a taxpayer, and all the right reasons if you are a tax and spent liberal politician.  The return to sanity as a state and country is the passage of Prop 23 here in California.  It is simply a tax scheme which will enrich left wing snake oil salesmen like Al Gore and Michael Moore.  They love those "carbon footprints" because they will turn them into dollars.  When your electric bills skyrocket and the state regulators start turning off your refrigerator via your smart meter, you will regret not voting YES on Prop 23.


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