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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ah, You Gotta Love the Spoilsport Feds

A place to romp for many local and out of town fun seekers has been shut out by the Feds apparently.  People have moved in around the area and started complaining.  This has been an area utilized since the Gold Rush for outdoor fun.  Another example of "government gone wild", with NO as their mantra.

 The Union had this today in their article from the report;

"Notably absent from the lists of usable roads was the Greenhorn Creek recreation area, which lies east of Nevada City off Red Dog Road. The area — popular with off-roading enthusiasts — is listed as an unauthorized part of the forest's trails systems."

The full story is here.

You can bet they will close it forever or at the very least make it a place you might be able to take a walk, with a paid reservation probably.


  1. A sign of the times Todd. I fondly remember taking my young family to the stock car races at the fairgrounds.

  2. Too bad that people couldn't respect these areas as we all have lost the use of them now!

  3. Hmmm.... No name - no post? Only when the poster agrees? How is this a discussion?

    EJ de Mira

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  5. Hi Todd...As you can see I made it to your site. It's wonderful! Very interesting and well done.

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