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Sunday, August 19, 2012

LaMalfa/Boehner BBQ Fundraiser a huge success

Speaker Boehner
Ever since I met Doug LaMalfa back when he was running for the California Senate, we seem to be on the same page and have similar ideological lives.  He is a farmer and I am a home builder.  Lots of similarities in regulatory measures and dealings with government and its laws.  Needless to say, we have become friends and I respect him and his efforts at governance. 

Congressman to be Doug LaMalfa
Today was a really good day for California and for Congress.  Doug had a huge fundraiser at his farm in Richvale.  The 1800 acres is at the corner of Highway 162 and 99.  The ranch home is a classic 50's style rancher and the grounds around the home are well kept, trimmed and shady.  The VIP group (of which I was honored to be included) was at the home and I mingled with a few folks from all over the district.  One couple was from Plumas County.  He was a logger.  Another couple was from Sutter County and had a vineyard.  They had a daughter that looked just like Missy Franklin the swimmer from the Olympics.

After mingling for a while, The Speaker of the House, John Boehner arrived.  He was escorted by a few Sheriff's vehicles and he was accompanied by some Secret Service people.  I think there were about four or five.  One was a woman.  She probably knows karate and packs.  All had things in their ears.  I have not seen that since 1975 when I was in Hawaii and was in the line to shake Gerald Ford's hand at the opening of a fancy hotel on the beach at Waikiki.  Those Agents sure pay attention to everyone.

After a short while we all stood in line and one by one we got our picture taken with Doug and the Speaker.  Doug and I are about the same height, 6-4, but the Speaker is about 6 feet or less.  He has that booming voice though and you can certainly tell he is in the room.  Nice fellow, but no time to chat.

After all the pictures were taken we all went to the out building where the BBQ was to take place.  It is one of those metal structures, maybe 150 feet by 150 feet and really tall inside.  This building is where all the farms massive harvesters are stored.  There were probably 150 tables all seating 8.  There were probably a hundred support people and others who were there that were not seated for the BBQ.  I would say there were 1500 total.  Doug LaMalfa remarked more than once that this was the largest event ever at his farm.  I was honored to be announced to the crowd and was seated at table 5, right in the front. 

After Doug gave his comments and thank yous, he introduced the Speaker who gave a rousing speech to the group.  He received applause a number of times, especially after he told all of us (many are small business owners) that "we didn't build that!"  Lots of guffaws.  He had quite a few zingers about all the promises Obama/Biden made in 2008 and how they have created the big mess our country is still in.  He smacked Harry Reid for not allowing the 40 House approved bills to have a vote.  Red meat for all us Republicans and non-aligned.

Boehner mentioned his background in passing but it was great.  He started in politics in a Homeowners Association in Cincinnati!  Then he said golly, I went from that to Speaker!  Of course we all laughed but the message was clear.  Anyone can become a leader in America.  No matter where you start from.  He was a small business owner running a bar his father started (if I am remembering right) and stated he has a handle on what it takes to run a company.  He also mentioned something I think has been lacking in the Romney speeches.  Boehner mentioned the importance of the employee.  All the folks who work for the small business owners.  I think it is important not to leave those millions of Americans out of the speech loop and Boehner did not.

It was pretty darn hot in the building and poor John Boehner mentioned that a few times.  He quipped that in the East they have air conditioning in the buildings.  All in all it was a good address to all of us and we have him a few standing ovations.  When he finished he signed a farm mallet supplied by Doug.  Doug called it the Pelosi Gavel, you remember the huge one she carried across the lawn after Obamacare was voted on.  When she paraded in front of the Tea Party folks (after calling them astro turfers)  she laid the gavel down and gloated.  Of course that PO'd the Tea Party and they voted her party out of power in the House and sent her back to the bench.

Boehner did mention he thinks the Republicans may pick up seats even though it is rare in a second election after a sweep like 2010.  He sad there are about 25 democrat seats that are in play.  He said we have a 50/50 chance of taking the Senate.  And he touted the Romney/Ryan team as well.  He did mention that a 20 ear old Paul Ryan used to live in his district and helped disperse yard signs during his first election in Ohio.  What a small world.

I heard the announcement that Sue Horne was there today but I did not see her.  Her daughter-in-law Jennifer is a Doug LaMalfa staffer.  She is a wonderful hardworking girl and she is an asset for Doug throughout the district.  So I had a great day.  I got to meet the fellow who is third n line to the Presidency and that was quite an honor.  I'll have the pictures soon.

Lastly, Speaker Boehner is on a 35 day tour to help Congressional candidates all over the country.  He is on to a stop in Sacramento then down to the South State.  He said this was the 17th day.  Poor guy must be pooped!  Thanks for coming to California Speaker Boehner.  Even though our state government is a liberal run mess, at least we have you and the Republicans running the House.  On to November!


  1. Great report Todd. Jo Ann and I were sorry to miss this event. It was my turn to pull Range Master at the Sportsmens' rifle/pistol range this afternoon when non-members from the community are invited to shoot. It is always a good turnout. In Nevada County this is a prime effort to maintain and support our Second Amendment rights.

  2. Thanks George, we all missed you and JoAnne. You are such important people to the First and Second Amendments. We need many more people like you.

  3. Hey Todd,

    I saw you at Doug's event, but we never connected. Bruce and I were there and sat next to Fred and Margie Buhler, along with a couple of really nice retired CHPers from the Redding area. It was an awesome event, and yes , it was sooooooooo hot in the barn! Jennifer, our daughter-in-law, is an awsome young lady whom Bruce and I are blessed to have as a part of our family! Doug's fortunate to have her on his team!! Take care,
    Sue Horne

  4. Thanks Sue, sorry I missed you all at the BBQ. It was a very good day and you certainly have a great daughter-in-law. She is a real hardworker. See you soon.


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