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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Herman Cain Debates Clinton in the 19990's and a Democrat strategist calls Cain an racist and a bigot last week

Herman Cain is stirring things up and I have to say, both left and right are going apoplectic.  This video surfaced for me yesterday and it made me realize Herman Cain has been a consistent conservative for many years.  He schools Clinton on the impacts of Hillarycare from back in the early part of Clinton's Presidency.  Sain was able to cut through Clinton's BS and make a mockery of his statistics.

It is very clear here that Clinton was in over his head.

The black democrat strategist, Cornell Belcher appeared on CNN with host Anderson Cooper and aother guest Ari Fleischer, a Bush  Press Secretary and now a strategerist for some Republicans.  Belcher was chastising Herman Cain this week for stating that black voters were brainwashed because they vote 90 to 95% for democrats and the same for Obama in the last election.  Cain was asking the black voter to be more open minded and consider other choices.  Sort of "how's all that block voting for democrats worked out for you" kind of thought.  Well Belcher did his best throughout the interview to make it a racist and bigoted comment and Cooper and Fleichersresisted him. (Much to their credit)

I recall when Jesse Jackson stated years ago that blacks could not be racists because they had no power in the country and only white people could be racist.  This was the mantra Jackson and the other race hustlers like Al Sharpton, stated time and again until the lamestream media believed it.  Well, we all know any race can be racist against others but Jackson, Sharpton and now it appears Belcher make money on that kind of divisiveness.  Herman Cain is a conservative black man and the race hustlers can't stand it.  They call him an "Uncle Tom" along with Clarence Thomas and any other black conservative.  The people like Belcher are powerless unless they can intimidate others with caimsl of racism.

We see this technique right here in our 95% white county.  We have white liberals who claim any disagreement white conservatives have with any liberal pronouncements about race is in fact racist.  We know this is bogus but because the liberal is an expert on guilt, the tactic has usually worked to intimidate and shut up critics.  Well, after watching CNN's Cooper do the squirmy dance (really squirming since he did not want to be accused of racism) and Ari Fleischer doing the dodge of the allegation by Belcher, I could see the technique of the race hustler was not working.  Thank goodness.

Herman Cain is a very smart man.  He knows his numbers.  He sees the results of the Great Society on the poor of America and the millions of black Americans who have been unable to prosper in a entitlement society.  Herman Cain is running for the Presidency of the United States and to me, he should be listened to by all Americans as a amazing success story.  But, race hustlers like Belcher will have none of that.  They prefer to get mired in the race debate rather than the success debate.  If people like Jackson, Sharpton and Belcher would pay attention to the complete package called Herman Cain, they would see his success is their success if they would just get on his bus.  But, doom and gloom and the racial blame game have consumed them (and made them millions) and unless somehow the black community stops listening to the hustlers, their plight will not change.  HERE is the CNN interview of Belcher and Fleischer.

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