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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Obama will Lose in 2012

Regardless of the death of Osama bin Laden, the order given by President Obama, he will still lose in 2012.  Why?  It is the economy stupid!  HERE is today's latest story on why he will lose.

People are out of work, government is smothering us and the debt and deficits are wiping out our monetary policy.  How many people do you know who have no work?  I know many and if you are construction you are really in bad shape.  This lack of work, hope and income has put a pox on our country.  Obama is going to be GHW Bushed.  The elder had a 91% job approval after winning the Gulf War.  In just a short time period he was judged on a slow economy and a unacceptable unemployment rate.

Well, it is now much worse.  Obama has doubled down and tried Keynesian economic strategies and we get to see its total failure all around us.  Millions of foreclosures, banks with credit so tight that almost no one can get any.  Wall Street fat cats bailed out, Credit lines canceled which small business historically used to plug the gaps with and more and more government rules.  The competition of other countries has taken a huge bite out of our countries industries, mainly , because the labor costs are so much lower.  California doubles down on the federal double down and we see the results here.  Companies leaving California for greener pastures in other states or shipping the work to other countries.

How people will vote is pretty simple.  Compare a President who has just made things worse for the American family with a new guy or gal with proven experience to solve the problems.  Around the kitchen table people will make the choice.  We want someone who will make things better, not worse, and we sure know what we already have.  Voila, a new President.  Oh, and a new US Senate.  People are hurting in America.  What is the response from the "leaders"?  More taxes, more regulations and deficits galore!

We have to clean house and I must say, the democrats are really helping us decide.  The hope and change promised has not been delivered and the American people know it.  The only way most Americans have to show their dislike of something political is their vote on election day.  They will judge the left and toss them out of power.  Mark my words.


  1. Now that the forged birth certificate is exposed, Obaman will not seek re-election.

    This will either be a voluntary decision, or the result of an impeachment.

    The people were willing to forgive Clinton's perjury because it was tied to his sec scandal.

    The people will NOT forgive Obama for his act of forgery by manufacturing his Birth Certificate.

    --John Galt

  2. I meant to write:

    The people were willing to forgive Clinton's perjury because it was tied to his sex scandal. (typo earlier for the word in bold.)

    --John Galt

  3. There will be more coming out. As they said about Nixon, it wasn't the crime it was the coverup.

  4. Exactly! This is very bold and brazen coverup too.

    -John Galt

  5. Now "O" has to run on his "record". The statute limitations of "Blame Bush" has long run out.
    It will be fun to watch "O" try and slither out from under his waivers from Obummercare to his big union buddies and major corporate contributors. That's a big one.
    Then we have fuel prices. Food prices. ETC.
    The ONLY thing that he has done right was continue what Bush started. Nothing more.
    All he has is the killing of O.B.L. But that alone will not save his bacon.
    But he got his four to five dollar a gallon gas prices that he wished for.

  6. I saw his address to the troops yesterday in Kentucky and I must say, he and Biden are quite the campaigners already. It was not a good address. Actually I liked Biden's better.


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