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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Obama was Presidential Last Night, Finally!

I tuned in to the memorial service for the victim's of last Saturday's shooting held at the University of Arizona.  I wanted to, in my own way be a part of the healing process by listening and watching the service.  It was a testament to America the speakers were giving us all their heartfelt feelings without the rancor and political fighting exhibited since Saturday.

The University President was an excellent host and kept things on track,  The invocation was done by a Indian/Mexican professor who used his people's religious ceremony to bless the event.  He also blessed his son who is serving in Afghanistan.  It was an unusual blessing but very interesting. The first two speakers were a young woman, I think she was involved with the college students and the young man who ran to Congresswomen Gifford's aid after she was shot.  He is credited with saving her by keeping her head elevated on his chest so she would not suffocate.  He is a humble young man who did not want to be called a hero.  He said the real hero's were others, like the first responders. He brought tears to my eyes.

Then there was Jan Brewer, the Governor and Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder, the AG.  I will let others discuss their remarks.  After them came the President.  I was shocked when he arrived with his wife that the crowd, mostly in the back and probably students, starting cheering, whistling and  it reminded me of a campaign rally.  Obama looked like he was uncomfortable with their behaviour and kept his face somber.  The crowd reacted this way and he never did crack a smile which I was grateful for.  He gave a very good speech, about 36 minutes.  It was very good and as we all expected he told us all that the shooter was not a reflection on any political party.  He mentioned the discourse of our country should be to heal.  I was proud of President Obama for his presentation.

When he discussed the little girl I am sure I was as emotional as most Americans about this loss of such a vibrant, smart active person.  She became the vision of the h ope for our country and Obama did a fine job telling us about her.  Since we all care about children and we are given the responsibility to protect them form harm it was the toughest part for me.  How could GOD take this sweet young person so soon? Maybe someday we will understand. 

So, the President made it clear the shooter was a lone wolf and an evil person and the national discourse, started by the left, was out of line in accusations they made and tried to make political hay from.  We on the  conservative blogs  fought back with the truth and unlike the past when there were no ways to counter the lies from the left, we were able to stem the flow of the misinformation.  It was a rancorous fight but the truth won and Obama acknowledged it.

America will recover from these acts of cruelty because we are the greatest country ever conceived and we value the truth and individual rights and responsibilities. 


  1. We talked about this speech this morning over breakfast. I ask one of my daughters to turn the TV off, because I was sick of seeing it. My oldest daughter asked me why, as she thought what Obama said was good and I agree with her. I was just upset that the eulogy seemed like more of a rally. I would have done it in a smaller venue.

    But I think that I am being a little picky. Obama did a good job.

    Funny how my daughter is getting so smart and independent views...I like it. One more person to debate!

  2. The young people at the m,emorial can be given some slack because they don't have experience about death that much. They did calm down about midway in his speech because the tone and his words finally made them understand. I am glad your daughter is developing her smarts so early.

    BTW, Pelline is sure a nut. I have been reading the resident liberal troll on Russ's blog and what a nard!

  3. I was put off by all the cheering, the T-shirts, and program slogans. It was more like a kick off for the 2012 election, than a memorial. The Indian guy spent too much time talking about himself. A simple indian prayer would have been more appropriate. The Intern was great, talked from the heart with out notes. When Obama came in and all the cheering started, i turned off the sound. Reports indicate it was a very Presidential performance. Congratulations to the President.

  4. Russ, I too was wondering why the young people were hooting and hollering as well. My guess was they were not quite sure of what to do and as Jason Lewis said tonight, they didn't want the evil to think it got to them. The T-shirts and all the rest of that crap was apparently the University. The Indian fellow, actually 1/2 Indian and 1/2 Mexican, was a bit disjointed. I try too give any religious person a lot of latitude because that's just me. He could have been shorter, but when he blessed his son who is serving in Afghanistan, he made me proud. Obama finally did a Presidential, non partisan speech.

  5. I heard today that the eulogy was dealed so that they could get polling data back first and get the t-shirts finished.

    By the way, the saying "Together we can thrive" which was printed on the shirts is from Obama's campaign site.


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