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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Michael Moore, massive hypocrite in the so called 99%

We all know the liberals are hypocrites in just about every economic debate.  They claim solidarity with the "masses" and yet they are actually members of the economic elite.The big boy, Michael Moore is the poster child for the left.  This "vacation" home on the shore of a lake is a fine example of the money man's ridiculous exhortations against the wealthy.

Source: Big Hollywood
HERE is the article connected to the picture and please check out the other picture and redacted legal documents.  Breitbart does a good job backing up their investigation.

We all heard the big boy came to see relatives again here in Nevada County and he also received rave reviews form the local OWS-Nevada County folks, so I just wonder how all these duped locals feel about this?  Will we see any critical piece of work from our local lefty blogs and its supporters?  When hell freezes over I suspect.  Moore should really just shut up and retire to the library in this million dollar plus lakefront home.  The least he could do is invite his fellow silver spoon limousine liberals over for a chamomile tea cocktail. 

It reminds me of the Sierra Club President a few years ago who was claiming some sort of moral superiority about the environment and saving the "big trees".  Turns out he clear cut his Oregon property and had all his decks built with redwood.  Yep, and the morons who keep sending these grifters their money are just as bad.  They would rather overlook Moore and the Sierra Club guy and trash the people that actually do something for the rest of the people. The entrepreneurs who create the businesses and supply the jobs, those evil capitalists.  What a hoot. What do the people like Moore and our local liberals do that helps people?  I am looking, looking, looking, but I can't seem to find anything other than hot air coming from these loudmouths.


  1. ALL RIGHT Todd! Thanks for putting this one up.
    I didn't know about the Redwood scam.
    Sort of like our own Dizzy Izzy and friends
    compound overlooking the Yuba.

  2. Todd and Walter - you bafoons!

    Michael worked and earned for what he has. Jealous much?

    You fools are going down, down, down! Michael is the voice (for years) of for the exposure of the greedy, unlawful right wing idiots. Michael is fearless in giving voice to the crooks of Wall Street. Bless him!!

    The progressives in this country are gaining more ground than any, any! NeoCon can even begin to imagine. Jealous much?

    Watch your influence sink below ground along with the Fracking you support. Fools!

    Your silly, ignorant, greedy selves are such toast. Check out the Occupy Movement for proof of this countries disgust with you!

    EJ Dimera

  3. Right on Mr. Dimera. Spot on. To me, its simply the continuation of Todd's envy and bitterness. First Mr. Pelline, now Michael Moore.

    EJ, notice the similarity between the regulars here and on the local righty blogs, and the Republican field for President? Think about it. Walter as Perry, Bob W. as Herman Cain, Todd as Michelle Bachmann, Russ as Romney, Rebane as Newt, Barry P as Rick Santorum.

  4. Envy my ..... Hypocrisy is the issue. Ol' Mikey goes out to score points with the OWS losers and tries to slam the so called "1%" when he is one of the "1%". Mike denied that he fell into that bracket until he got cornered and finally admitted to that fact.
    "unlawful right wing idiots" Where do dream this this up at? LOL!!!
    OWS is gaining ground? The Left is gaining ground? OH!! It IS to laugh!! But keep believing that. In less than a year, your bubble will get busted. But that's what happens when you get your facts from Comedy Central. The joke will be on you.

    Me???,,, Perry?? Naaa. I will take Cain. I can take the heat. Like any good construction worker.
    The great thing about Progressive LIBS, is they telegraph who they fear most.( figure that one out yourself....(if you can,LOL) )

    BTW,,Lefties,,If your "gaining ground",,care to explain why you lost Virginia? ( good luck with that. HA ha,,!)

  5. Walter, you are a classic!

    Don't change a thing.

  6. I think I am more like Newt. Really smart, and good ay history. LOL! Walt, these fools on the left are why America is center right. They can't use their real names because like most liberals they are just cowards. We know who they are anyway, as you said earlier, keywords, syntax. Yep we know. Anyway I'll leave the last two screeds up so others can see what is being defeated across America.

  7. Pete: Thank you for the compliment. Rick Santorum is a great role model for any elected official.

  8. Todd, maybe you should pay the tax payers back for that bailout that you got. Mr. Moore bought this home through his hard work, and now you want to cry about it? Maybe you should go back to work, pay back the tax payers (and maybe sell your home to do so) rather than sit here and cry about someone who's made a living legally!

    M. Mooers

  9. Sorry fella but you don't have any facts correct at all but hey you are a liberal and you dn't need any. BTW, I am a tax payer are you?

  10. What about your mortgage on Cornflower? I wonder if it is late?

  11. The excuse machine for Moore is now working overtime. " Mike worked hard for his money".
    More like LIED for it. Put it on film, them passes it off as fact.
    In there eyes, only Progressives "work hard for their money", and true hard working Conservatives are the only ones that fall into the so-called "1%",, and need their money confiscated and "redistributed".

  12. Walt, what did Trickle Down Economics do for you? Seems you have a lot of time on your hands and no work. News Flash: Corporate bigwigs and Wall Street money mongers have lied and tricked dupes like you for eons under the guise of buyer-beware" and Capitalism Under "God." So how's that workin out for ya Walter?

  13. Back when it was in place, GREAT! I was always well employed when Conservatives were at the helm. Fast forward to "O". I have hardly worked since he and the Progressives messed things up.
    I blame the bureaucrats and regulation loving Left. I guess you forgot just who FORCED the banks to give sub prime loans. The banks, like any good Capitalist would do,( since GOVENMENT guaranteed the loans they made) made those loans.
    Now we have the Lefties turning a blind eye to the facts are now working overtime with their revisionism tactics.
    As soon as we get more true Conservatives in office, America can get back to the greatness it used to have.
    So how did "spending our way to prosperity" work out,,,S.?

  14. ..and you do realize the housing bubble burst under the Republican President...who, after 25 years of seeing Republican fiscal policy teed up for him nearly single handedly set the course for the current malaise, by lowering taxes in wartime, and ramping up illegal wars to unprecedented spending levels. Never been done in American history. Criminal.

    Walt, follow this now:

    Housing Bubble Letting out Air (2007) Bursting (2008) = GW Bush as President, cheap credit, super low tax, cheap energy, unregulated, excessive Wall Street liquidity DRIVEN. ALL Republican ideals, initiatives and beliefs.

  15. Walt, who ya gonna get in Office? Lets go through the voting demographics now...

    1. NEWT LOL Gingrich- Women? Latinos? Blacks? Young People? FAIL
    2. Herman DENY Cain- Women? LOL. Latinos? Blacks? Young People? Nup. FAIL.
    3. Mittster Romney? Women? Latino? Black? Young People? PALEEZ...FAIL.

    You figure it out:)

  16. Back to "blame Bush".. Damned good try. But just who was in control of Congress most of his presidency? Queen Nan, and Prince Harry. NOTHING went to Bushes desk without their approval.

    It really doesn't matter which one gets our final nod. "O" is done.
    Face it. Your "superman" sucks.

  17. No, almost all polls show Obama in no worse than even shape for 2012- against such a weak and flawed field. I just laid out the analysis for ya Walt, but you are in denial. Obama is far from superman, but you certainly don't need a President with 80% approval with that kind of opposition! Check this one out Walt- the latest Cain implosion. LOL. Herman, ITS OVER.

  18. Sorry my little Toddy, but my mortgage on Corn Flower is current and that's more than we can say about you!

    Let's hear you try to lecture us all about being financially responsible, when you're the poster boy of irresponsibility!

    You make us all laugh, as I have to wonder why you keep bragging about being in a leadership position in this county, as if you ran now, you could not win a position that would allow you to pick up trash on the side of the freeway as many would know that you're not even qualified to do that!

    M. Mooers

  19. How is that crop M. Mooers? Since we don't each other you fantasy about me is pretty funny. My mortgages are just fine, yours is not. Also, if I ran for office I would win t hands down since liberals such as you would be laughed off the dais. Phew! This is fun.

  20. Todd, do you actually know how to write?

    Maybe if you weren't so rattled with reality you could write something that actually is understandable?

    You couldn't win the position of trash collector, especially when you have a 5th grade education which presents itself with everything you write.

    I find it humorous that you enjoy being a MORON on a consistent basis!

    Your right this is fun, but my parents told me that I should not pick on the mentally disabled.

    M. Mooers

  21. I am leaving your post up so others can see and read why you liberals are getting your butts handed to you at every turn. You crack me up. What a hoot!

  22. Lets hear some analysis of HOW Herman Cain or Newt Gingrich will capture the majority of American electoral votes. I've run tons of scenerios- it ain't happening for either. Romney has a shot, albeit he's disliked by a large plurality. No else in that precious field has any hope of capturing the majority of anyone else but frustrated, under/uneducated rural, white men.

  23. Obama is toast. Get used to defeat, it is happening all across America.

  24. As expected. The road to Repub victory cannot be navigated with those two characters. Obama, for his negatives on various job performance measures, is a LIKEABLE person for the majority of Americans. People sympathize with the position he's in with a Congress who refuses to pass JOBS legislation. None, I repeat, NONE of the serious Republicans are remotely considered LIKEABLE. In the General, that factor makes all the difference. Barack is far, far from toast.


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